S’porean Posted Images of Himself Eating at Hawker Centre in FB Despite Being Slapped with SHN


The whole idea of social distancing is to flatten the curve; and if the curve is flattened, less people will die.

Which is why the authorities are implementing drastic measures that’ll kill numerous businesses, but it’d at least save more lives.

But when people DGAF about these measures, it could potentially lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Reader Bao: How does a person DGAF about these measures?

Like this guy.

S’porean Posted Image of Eating at Hawker in FB Despite Being Slapped with SHN

A brand ambassador of an online platform I’ve not seen before cum photographer cum photographer cum photographer (I kid you not based on what I see on his Facebook profile) had just come back from Myanmar.

According to his many posts, he flew from Myanmar yesterday (23 March), and updated his friends fans about his impending return with images of some airline food which I certainly think is not to humblebrag that it’s an expensive flight.

Okay, nothing wrong because I’d humblebrag my SIA meal online if I ever sit in a SIA flight in the first place.

However, we then received a tip-off from a reader about this post:

Image: Goody Feed reader

Lest you can’t read:

Come back to Singapore must eat our local food~

That’s perfectly okay except for the fact that since 20 March 2020, 11:59pm, anyone who comes back to Singapore from any country, be it a high-risk country like the UK or a no-risk country like North Korea, would be given a Stay-Home Notice, whereby the person would have to stay at home for 14 days.

He or she can’t even leave the house for a meal.

And the issue here?



He didn’t dabao it. He just have to go out there to makan there.

And his fans friends weren’t happy.

His argument?

“Tomorrow then start.”


“Coz I also the person at the custom they tell me like that. they say tomorrow is the 1st day.”

I don’t know what talking him, but I’m sure the SHN isn’t just a rule to be followed but also a way for you to stay responsible.

A check on his Facebook profile, however, shows that the post isn’t there anymore, though images of the goody airline food are still around.

I know many of you would want to stalk the fellow and are begging me to reveal his identity. I love to be begged by strangers but unfortunately, while we’ve all the rights to merely share a link, we’re not going to do so purely for two reasons:

  • What if it’s a sabo by a friend?
  • What can you achieve from knowing about him? You can’t report him since the post is gone

Instead, let this be a lesson to other people who’ve been slapped with the SHN and still go out to eat Bak Kut Teh: the Internet is watching and you might be another Ala—I mean, another guy whom we’d write about.

After all, we’re the Internet.