NCMP Hazel Poa Filed Motion to Suspend Iswaran from Parliament So He Won’t Get His $192,500-Per-Year Allowance


News has emerged again in Singaporean politics involving Transport Minister S Iswaran after laying low upon his release on bail.

If you have yet to follow the latest Singaporean politics, Mr Iswaran finds himself in the spotlight due to a probe by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB). 

This investigation, which involves Mr Iswaran and property magnate Ong Beng Seng, garnered attention from the public as both men were arrested on 11 July but were later released on bail.

In response to the ongoing CPIB investigation, Mr Iswaran was also issued a leave of absence by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong until the investigation is completed.

Folks were curious if this political drama would impact the F1 Singapore Grand Prix contract this year, which, in case you didn’t know, is proceeding as planned despite the ongoing probe. 

NCMP Hazel Poa Filed a Motion to Suspend Iswaran from Parliament So He Won’t Get His $192,500 Per Year Allowance

The plot thickens further as Hazel Poa, Member of Parliament (MP) and vice-chairperson of the Non-Constituency Progress Singapore Party (PSP), has introduced a significant development.

Poa revealed in a Facebook post on 8 September that she has formally filed a motion requesting the suspension of Mr Iswaran from his role as an MP for the duration of the current session of the 14th Parliament. 

If the motion passes, this would entail the suspension of Mr Iswaran’s annual MP allowance, amounting to $192,500 a year.

Poa stated that she submitted the motion on 7 September, intending to suspend Mr Iswaran’s MP status during the ongoing CPIB investigation. 

In addition, she added in the post that Prime Minister Lee has also requested Mr Iswaran to refrain from performing any official duties during his investigation by CPIB.


Her post came after Prime Minister Lee said in parliament on 2 August that Mr Iswaran is currently on interdiction with a reduced pay of $8,500 a month until further notice. However, he can still receive the annual MP allowance of $192,500.

Reader: How can he still withdraw the annual MP allowance with the probe?

Mr Lee said that Mr Iswaran can continue to draw the MP allowance as it differs from a minister’s salary and falls beyond the Prime Minister’s discretion.

Removing an MP’s allowance would require parliamentary action to interdict the MP as an MP, which has never occurred in Singapore’s Parliament history.

Poa said the motion will be slated for debate in Parliament on or after 19 September.

In her Facebook announcement, Poa highlighted her intent to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to amend the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act 1962. 

This amendment seeks to ensure that Parliament has the authority to compensate Mr Iswaran retroactively should he ultimately be cleared of any misconduct and resume his official duties.

Netizens Show Support for Hazel Poa’s Filed Motion Against Iswaran

In response to Poa’s statements on Facebook, Singaporean netizens have voiced support for Poa’s motion. 

Many netizens and supporters of the Non-Constituency PSP have agreed with the motion, emphasising that such actions should apply universally to all citizens, regardless of their minister status.

Image: Facebook (Hazel Poa Koon Koon)

Despite the ongoing CPIB investigation, the bureau has maintained silence regarding any specifics about Mr Iswaran’s arrest or ongoing probe.


So, get your popcorn, as this story will unfold even further with this new plot.

For more context about why people are associating the Iswaran investigation with F1, watch this to the end: