NAFA Graduates Design HDB Flat That Looks Like HDB Void Deck

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Being stuck at home because of COVID-19, the “outside” is a mythical place, full of hopes and dreams.

I don’t know what you guys are doing at home, but I have started counting the number of tiles in my house.


Ah… the outside… How I long for human contact and sunshine. The bustling cities and beautiful gardens.

Image: Giphy

But apparently for two NAFA graduates at Creatology, the HDB void deck is qualified enough to be considered “outside”.

And what better way go outside when you cannot go outside by turning the inside into the outside?

HDB with Void Deck Design

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

My brain is hurting now since it’s like someone put furniture at the HDB void deck.

And in case you’re asking, this is a design idea and not the actual home. Meaning, it’s all illustrations/computer graphics lah.

But everything starts from a concept, isn’t it?

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

The chess tables at the void decks where uncles usually lepak at? Dining table at the kitchen.

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

Don’t ask me why the chess table no chessboard.

Letterboxes? Those are storage spaces now.

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

And you can’t forget the notice boards and lifts.

Yes. Lifts. Though they might have forgotten that lifts have buttons.

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

The lifts are actually doors that lead to a study room.

Can’t even tell if you’re inside an HDB flat or just right outside of it hor?

Here, give them some love in their Facebook post:


Netizens Gave Raving Approvals For The Design

The post received over 800 reactions and 4.3K shares as of writing, and netizens seem to like it.

I doubt anybody would actually use this design in their home, but if you’re one of those people definitely tell us.

As for Creatology, it’s not a troll or meme page, and was created for the two NAFA graduates to share their design ideas and inspirations.

They even have other awesome designs like this dope pink HDB:

Image: Facebook (Creatology)

Alright. I guess it’s time to stop counting tiles and start redecorating my room. And maybe it will look like the man’s who took the time to revamp his bedroom into an IKEA showroom.

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