There Are Hello Kitty & My Melody Plushie Keychains With Masks Being Sold Online

A fan of Hello Kitty? Or maybe, your girlfriend loves My Melody characters?

Whichever it is, here is a gift that will make them happy and remind them to take care of themselves during this period as well.

Hello Kitty & My Melody Plushie Keychains With Masks Available Online

Before I say anything more, just take a look at these cuties.

Image: Sanrio
Image: Sanrio

Sanrio Japan recently rolled out a series of cute Hello Kitty and My Melody characters in masks in the form of key chains.

Pretty apt for the current situation, don’t you think?

According to a review, the size of each plushie is slightly bigger than one’s palm. Each plushie key chain will set you back by about S$22.

5 Different Designs

The series consists of five different designs and every character comes with a cloth mask that can be adjusted “on or off”.

This also serves to remind us that if we’re sick, we should mask up. And if we’re not, it’s fine to travel around Singapore without wearing a mask.

You have Hello Kitty, of course

hello kitty my melody key chains

hello kitty my melody key chains

As well as My Melody

hello kitty my melody key chains


hello kitty my melody key chains



cinnamoroll 2



Pompompurin 2

And Pochacco



Pochacco 2

Available in Japan and Online

Unfortunately, while these cuties are up for grabs, they aren’t easy to get to. You can only purchase them in Japan itself, or on Sanrio’s main website, which has run out of stock.

However, you can still find them on eBay at a higher price, if you really want them. Never thought that there’ll be a day where you’re glad scalpers exist, huh?

Alternatively, you can also go onto Shopee to get some useful products like sanitary pad pouches

Image: Shopee

Miniature figurines and more.

So boyfriends, if you’re wondering what gift you can get for your girlfriend for anniversary this year, this could be it.

**All images from Sanrio website unless otherwise stated.

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