Here’s How You Can Create DIY Bath Bombs to Clean Your Toilet Bowls

Generally, we should all strive to keep our homes as neat and clean as possible for at the end of the day it is the place that we will rest and relax in after a long, hard day.


The bathroom, especially the toilet bowl is one of the hardest places to keep clean given that there are so many activities going on in there.

“Yeah, that’s why I love cleaning the toilet!” says no one ever.

Here, we have discovered a nifty bath bomb that will make cleaning your filthy toilet bowls a breeze!


First, let us explain to you why you should definitely use this natural, environmental-friendly toilet bowl cleaner.

Did you know the industrial strength toilet cleaners and bleach you use at home can be chock-full of dangerous chemicals and is quite damaging to the already ailing environment?

Bleach is a well-known irritant and is corrosive, especially when it comes into contact with any part of your body, which is why you must don gloves when you handle it. Bleach also contains chlorine, and when it reacts with any kind of acid, it produces a toxic gas that is similar to what they use in gas chambers in the days of the World Wars.

In addition, hydrochloric acid in the product can cause damage to your kidneys and respiratory tract.


The ingredients to make the health-friendly bath bombs are stupidly simple and easily available in any major supermarket or specialty stores.

These are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup of citric acid
  • 1/2 cup of cornstarch
  • A spray bottle of water
  • Zip-top bag (Gallon sized)
  • Approximately 25 drops of essential oil (lemon and orange is recommended as it cleans really well, and two or three more for its aromatic fragrance)*

*Essential oils can be found in aromatherapy shops, or even in shops like Japan Home or Daiso

Other supplies:

  • Muffin tin with liners for easy storing, or a similar mold of your choice
  • Giant Ziploc bag


  1. Set aside the essential oils from the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Put together all the other ingredients WITHOUT the essential oils into the bag and shake it all around (feel free to put on a little music to get in the groove!).
  3. Open the bag and add a few spritzes of water. Zip it up again and knead it.
  4. Repeat step three about five to seven times. Don’t be afraid if the bag gets puffy, it’s just the natural reaction from the citric acid and baking soda. Just open the top to let the excess air out.
  5. When the mixture feels like pie dough (the handful you squeeze stays together), then it’s ready. Make sure you do not add too much water.
  6. Add the essentials oils you have set aside and knead the mixture again.
  7. Take the mixture and put it in your molds very, very firmly. You might want to use something to weigh and press them down.
  8. Allow them to dry naturally for two days. Remove from the molds and put in a airy place to continue drying for another one to two days.
  9. Store them all in a airtight container until you want to use them.

How to use:

  • Drop one into your toilet bowl and let the merry fizzing begin! Once the fizzing stops, take your trusty toilet brush to clean your toilet bowl and be prepared to be amazed. After that, just flush as usual.

After that, your toilet will smell so good, you’d be looking forward to your next “big business”regularly #justsaying

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