The Reason Why Why Hash Brown is Called Hash Brown

Potatoes are like the best food in the world. Period.

No, really, it’s like a multi-purpose food.

You can fry it, mash it, you can even name yourself after it.


And the best part?

They go well with anything!

You can eat them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper…basically anytime of the day.

They are essentially a vital part of my everyone’s lives.


Just imagine a McDonald’s breakfast meal with no hashbrowns!

Wait since we’re talking about hash browns…let’s talk about this heavenly goodness!

How hash browns became “hash browns”

The full name of this golden perfection was “hashed brown potatoes”, or “hashed browned potatoes”.

“Hash” is derived from the French word “hacher” which means to hack or chop.

So ”hashed browned potatoes” would translate to “chopped and fried potatoes”.

It cannot get more literal.

The first time it was mentioned was in 1888, by an American food author Maria Parloa.

The name was then shortened to just “hash brown potatoes” over time.


Cos people are lazy, I guess.

Smaller and rounder

Bite sized hash browns are typically small, cylindrical dumplings.

They are called Tater Tots in the US and Potato Gems in Australia.

They are sold everywhere and anywhere.

How they are made

In case you’re feeling a little hungry by now, here’s the most simple recipe ever:

You can choose to shred, dice, julienne or even rice your potato (potatoes) in Swiss Rösti style.

Then, just pan fry it!


Note: highly recommended to search up better recipes online due to writer’s limited knowledge

Culture difference

In Asia, our staple food is rice.

But over in the US, hash browns are a staple breakfast food!

Say what.

Forget about fishball noodles and kaya toast, I’m moving to US!


If you’re as excited as me, do read this important fact before packing your luggage:

In some parts of the US, hash browns refer to shredded/riced pan-fried potatoes only and they eat them during breakfast.

Diced/cubed potatoes which are also pan-fried are called country fried potatoes or home fries.

They are usually served as a side dish and commonly come with diced or chopped onions as well.

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