Here’s How Much It Really Costs To Hold A Void Deck Wedding in S’pore

There’s an assumption that most people have when it comes to Void Deck Weddings:

  • They’re dirt cheap since venue rental only costs $50 per day.
  • Giving $20 is more than enough

For the first point, the answer is no. Nothing in Singapore is cheap except maybe value dollar shop with their “Fire Sale!!!”

For the second point? Well, most of the time, it really isn’t enough. It really depends on how grand the wedding is and how much you can afford to give.

Generally speaking, a wedding does not ever come cheap. There are so many aspects that go into it and the cost adds up.

Like, food.

Image: Giphy

Okay, on a more serious note, the venue rental might be cheap, but the things that go into it are not cheap.


Let’s say, the couple decide to invite 500 guests:

  • The cost of food and catering are priced at around $20-25/pax, so that’s an average of  $11,250
  • Decorations may cost around $8,000-$15,000 depending on the size and how intricate the decorations are. This makes the average cost of $11,500

Yes, a Void Deck Wedding can look like this:

Image: Anggun Decor Instagram
  • The bridal costs around $3,000
  • Kompang, a drum procession announcing the arrival of the bride and groom might cost around $600-$900
  • Pre Wedding and Wedding Photography, DJ & Emcee might cost around $2,500
  • Wedding favours might cost around $500

On average, the total cost of a Void Deck Wedding, not inclusive of other miscellaneous items such as bridesmaid attire etc, would be around $28,000.

Not as cheap as you thought, huh?

Image: Giphy

So Why A Void Deck Wedding?

Back in the day, everyone was close-knit.

So to ensure that everyone including neighbours, friends and family could attend their wedding, the bride and groom would have it at their house.

Having a wedding at the void deck is a throwback to that kampong spirit.

Indeed for some, a void deck wedding might be a cheaper alternative to a wedding at a restaurant or hotel, in which case they might choose to invite lesser guests or go for simple decorations.

For others, it’s a ceremony that celebrates tradition and kampong spirit.

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So the next time you attend a Void Deck Wedding, soak in the kampong spirit and notice how the sound of Kompang reverberates around the neighbourhood to signify the arrival of the bride and groom (some might call this noise pollution).

Also, be generous when giving money! Don’t automatically assume the cost of the wedding.

Instead, be sure to taste the food first and judge accordingly. Okay, just kidding. Give however much you want to.


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