Here’s How to Turn Any Drink into a Carbonated Drink within Minutes

How does a cup of carbonated kopi-O sound to you?

Or even better, carbonated Milo?

SodaStream is getting some traction in Singapore with its promise to carbonate any drink you want within minutes. While it is possibly the easiest way to get your drink carbonated that way, the machine does not come cheap, and you might find the accessories to be rather pricey when you add everything up.

The next easiest way to turn a drink into a carbonated one is to do-it-yourself (DIY). It is actually way easier than you think.

Here are two ways which we think is easy and fast!

The Carbonated Water Method (for immediate consumption after mixing)

Find carbonated water in the supermarket
Grab a bottle of sparkling water, tonic water or any mild flavoured soda. The best option is sparkling water or tonic water because they are almost tasteless. The absence of flavour is important because it will not affect the taste of the beverage that you wish to carbonate.

Add the carbonated water into the beverage that you wish to carbonate
This step is crucial. Add only appropriate amounts of carbonated water to the beverage or you will end up with a diluted drink. The rule of thumb is to find a beverage that is sweeter than you like, and then add one-fifth of water to the beverage to “dilute the sweetness” and carbonate it. For example, a one-litre bottle of sweet apple juice will benefit from 250ml of carbonate water.

Stir the mixture well
Stir the mixture well so that the carbonated water is mixed with the beverage properly. Keep stirring until you see the familiar fizz of carbonated drinks forming at the top of the beverage. There, you’ll have your sparkling Milo peng. Simple, isn’t it?

But if you want something even more advanced, here it is.

The Dry Ice Method (able to store the carbonated water in fridge)

Find a container about 1.5 times the capacity of your beverage
Put the beverage you want to carbonate in a large container that has a tight lid or cover. Ensure that there is space left over in the container for the dry ice.

Put on protective clothing
Put on protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeves tops, pants and shoes as dry ice may burn you if it is not handled properly. Yes, you’ve read it right: it’s so cold, it burns you.

Prepare the dry ice needed
You will need 100-250g of dry ice for every litre of liquid in the container. You can decide on the amount of the dry ice, bearing in mind that the higher amount of dry ice will make your drink extra frizzy. Higher amount of dry ice can also potentially over-carbonate the drink. Be sure to prepare the dry ice using gloves as they can burn your skin.

Poke small holes in the lid of the container
These small holes are needed to allow extra carbon dioxide to escape the container during the carbonating process. At this point, check to make sure that the container has enough space for the amount of dry ice needed.

Bring the container outside and add dry ice
As the process can get messy and smoky, bring the container outside the house to ensure that the fire alarm will not be triggered accidentally. Add the dry ice into the container.

Wait it out
Allow the beverage to sit for 15 minutes for every litre of beverage so that the dry ice can sublimate and diffuse carbon dioxide into the drink. Once the smoke-like gas has fully disappeared, seal the bottle with another tight lid or cover and store it in the fridge. Enjoy the drink as and when you want it!

Here a video that shows you how to do it with dry ice!

Yeah, it’s a little complicated compared to just using carbonated water, but hey: carbonated Milo peng right in your fridge. Isn’t that cool or what?