Here’s How to Win an iPad While Having A1 Crab Flavour Beehoon

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Everyone loves a good noodle in a packet. Usually cheap, full of flavour and comes with the crippling reminder that the buyer is running out of money.

Where are my struggling Polytechnic and University students at?

Even more so when it is something as luxurious as A1’s Crab Flavour Rice Vermicelli Soup.

A reminder of how good this even looks.

In our previous article, we mentioned that there each pack of four was sold for $7.90 at Fairprice. Desperate people even found it on Carousel for $7.50 per packet (please stop).

But what if I told you I could get it even cheaper now? 

All Value, Zero Guilt

If the title of this article caught your eye, then you should already know.

Yes, Fairprice is now selling this flavour bomb at only $7.35 per 4x100g pack. Less than $2 per packet!

Even places like Lazada’s Redmart is selling it for $2.20 per packet, so you can thank us later for that extra cash you will be saving.

Image: Memecrunch

Also, do note that it is halal certified, so there should be no qualms about wanting to try it.

If you go to Fairprice’s online store though, you might notice that fat sold-out sign on the product. I assure you that if you just make your way down to a physical store, there would be an ample amount.

Or should I say a “crab-ton” of it?

Image: gifpy

So please, before you start digging through Carousel, check the stores first.

Also, Fairprice exists everywhere in Singapore, you can close your eyes and probably still find one.

Even More Value

So you might be slamming your device shut and getting ready to run to the stores now, but just hear me out.

The value train has no brakes and is going full speed ahead.

Imagine if you could win something just from reading about some crab flavoured noodle soup?

Image: memegenerator

Indeed, all you have to do from here is to check out our Instagram and follow the instructions, and you can stand a chance to win a free iPad!

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<GIVEAWAY> In conjunction with A1 Crab Flavour Vermicelli White Soup, we’re giving away a brand new 9.7” iPad (32GB) worth $498 to a lucky winner! The Malaysia bestselling vermicelli is now available in local supermarkets, so do try it before it goes out of stock (again)! And what better way to enjoy it while watching your favourite Netflix shows on a new iPad that we’re giving away? You’ll also be given the receipt as well! . To join the giveaway, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel (link in bio), follow our Instagram @goody.feed and tag 8 friends in this IG post! . Giveaway ends on 1 September 2019, 11:59 p.m. . #giveawaysg #sggiveaway #singapore #sgcontest #experiencewinning #contestsg #igsg #sgig #contestgram #singaporeans #singaporean

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If you somehow felt lazy to go to the store previously you definitely should not feel lazy for this.

So once again, don’t say we bojio you. If you wait till you have to submit to the hands of a scheming carouseller, it definitely won’t be a fair price.

Image: memegenerator

Now please excuse me, time to get my noodle fix with A1 (after work only, sadly).

And of course, if you’d like to see how it looks in real life, just check out this video: