Here’s how you can cut an apple into 4 slices with just your bare hands

Have an apple but you want to eat in slices? If you’re out, you definitely won’t have a knife (well, we hope) to cut your apple. So here’s a life hack for you: how to actually cut an apple with your bare hands! Yes, no tools needed.

First, get rid of the stem of the apple. This can be done by firmly holding the stem between your thumb and index finger, and using the other hand to turn the apple about the stem.

Secondly, hold the apple with the stem (which you have just removed) part, that is the top of the apple, facing you, find a comfortable place to put your thumb over. The middle joint of your thumb (note that it is not the tip of your thumb, nor the base of your thumb) should be situated at the stem area. Enclose your entire hand over the apple, and grip it firmly

Lastly, using the other hand, situate the base of the thumb of the other hand onto the top of the apple. Grab hold of the apple firmly with both hands, such that your two hands are almost completely covering the fruit, and twist and try to open the apple.

There should be some force applied to the apple, but don’t afraid to smash and get your hands dirty. After applying enough force, the apple would naturally break into 2 exact halves.

Of course it’ll be neater and more effortless with a knife, but by cutting and breaking open an apple allows you to share it with other people.

Here is a pro tip for expert manual apple cutter:

If half of an apple is still too big for your liking, use your bare hands to break it further into halves (meaning eventually, you’ll get a quarter of an apple)! Apply the same concept: put your thumb over the part where the stem originally was from, enclose the rest of the apple with the other hand, apply force, and break the apple!

Here is another pro tip for those who want to eat the ENTIRE apple:

Often times, people start their first bite from the side of the apple. To devour the entire apple, eat from the bottom instead! You’ll be left with the stem – just throw it away, and also spit out the seeds! You get more from just an apple in this way.

Now you know how to get apple slices without a knife. Time to boast.

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