Here’s Why You Should Order Your Christmas Dinner Online & Feast At Home Instead!

Last Updated on 2016-12-08 , 6:52 pm

If you’ve been having your Christmas dinners in overcrowded restaurants for the past few years, it’s time for a change this year, in 2016! You can simply order your Christmas dinner online, because who else isn’t shopping online?

While it’s obvious that most restaurants have special deals for Christmas, the dinners might not be that traditional: you know, complete with the big turkey and that white log cake. So in comes our BFF, Cold Storage, to the rescue.

The Fresh Food People (lest you’re not aware, that’s the tagline for Cold Storage) has prepared scrumptious feasts this Christmas, just simply because you deserve it. Now, before anything, just take a look at the images and drool before we continue.

Festive Christmas Feast


Are you a traditionalist? After all, what’s Christmas without a whole turkey? If so, this feast is for you: our all-time favourite Burgers’ Smokehouse Roasted Herb Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing (3.6kg to 4.5kg), imported from the US, comes complete with Brown Sauce and Cranberry Sauce and Honey Baked Ham (800g). 

At $89.95, it’s good enough for 6 to 8 people, and is perfect for a small group of friends who’s looking forward to a nice gathering! 

Lavish Christmas Feast


You’ve got more people in your house? Then the Lavish Christmas Feast is for you. Catered for about 8 to 10 people, the feast comprises a Medium Butterball Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Turkey Gravy (4.5kg-5.4kg), Primo Banjo Bone-in Ham (3.5kg), Ribeye Roast Beef with Black Pepper Sauce (1.3kg). 

At $159.95, I’m pretty sure everyone will be full, satisfied and of course, merry!



If you’re a ham lover, you definitely can’t miss Cold Storage’s Bone-in-Ham. Hand-made and slow cooked with a special recipe glaze, the Bone-in-Ham, from $49.95 to $89.95, is exclusive to Cold Storage stores.

Aren’t you drooling just from the image itself?

Ordering is as simple as ABC; while this online deal doesn’t involve the meals being sent to you, you can collect it from any Cold Storage outlet closest to your house. To some extent, it’s better, because you can be 100% sure that you’ve got your food on the most important day!

Simply make your order online here, choose your collection place and time, make payment and go collect.

Other than these cooked foods, there’re many other Christmas deals: you can, for example, get ala carte food like this Almond King’s Pie for $24.90, which can serve 6 to 8 people.


Also known as Galette des Rois, it is a French pastry that celebrates the arrival of the three wise men in Bethlehem, the birthplace of baby Jesus.

Now, if your house is still free from Christmas decorations and your fridge is still empty, you know where to go! Here’s the URL:

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