Here’s What This Purple Bird That Has Been Appearing in Your FB & IG is All About

Have you opened your social media recently and spot a purple bird flocking your timeline? If not, it will probably only be a matter of time before you start using it on your friends. 

The Purple Bird


Where did this purple bird originate from? Well, it was first created as a Facebook sticker, which has bowled over social media in Asia. It went viral in Thailand earlier this month, much to the delight of the American artist of this bird, Syd Weiler. The little fellow’s name is called Trash Dove, sounding as cute as it looks. 

The Florida-based illustrator drew the bird in September 2016 and subsequently created the set of Facebook stickers in January 2017. Trash Dove appeared in various guises that people could use as emojis, the most popular one showing the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down in the gif above. 


It’s pretty hilarious, given that most people found the sticker to be very annoying, such that it became a tool for spamming in the comments section. This went viral when popular Facebook pages joined the spamming festival and soon enough it’s all over Facebook. 

Trash dove subsequently made its appearance on a popular Thai Facebook page in a dance-off with a cartoon cat in early February. Within a week, it had racked up 4 million views, and an army of fans. Doves somehow represent friend-zoning in Thai culture, hence it became a funny meme based on that. 


Yeap. That’s probably how I’m going to annoy my friends with trash dove memes for the next few weeks. 

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