Here’s The Science Behind Bad Breath and How We Can Deal with Them

Last Updated on 2022-01-15 , 11:51 am

Ever wondered how your bad breath smells to the person next to you? Imagine a tiny but overpowering piece of toilet paper stuck to your mouth. It won’t actually hit him until he’s close to you, but when he gets a whiff of it, he’ll regret ever coming close to you.

What actually causes your bad breath? Here’s what we’ve found out. You might want to save this page.

1. When You Wake Up

Bacteria breed in your mouth while you sleep or take a nap. This is because your saliva works overtime to clean your mouth, and what’s left of the process is your bad breath. My advice? Grab your toothbrush and swish properly to get all the bad breath outta the way.

2. Smelly Food Just Punk’d You

The two most common perpetrators here are onions and garlic. It takes an hour or two before the bad smell fades off. You might want to hold onto that kiss and grab a glass of wine instead to mask the smell. Or keep a toothbrush kit on standby in your handbag.

3. You Missed Your Meal

Believe it or not, skipping your meal can give you bad breath. If you don’t eat when you should, your mouth churns less saliva. And that causes more harm than you think. You’re not even going to lose weight!

4. Smoking Kills Your Breath Too

This habit increases the number of odour compounds in your mouth and lungs. It also dries out your mouth in the process. It’s not exactly a good thing.

Put that ciggie away Rihanna.

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5. The Low Carb Diet You’re Trying Out

A low-carb diet actually causes an increased level of halitosis, as your body will go into ketosis, a process whereby your body burns fats for energy. Its side effect? Bad, bad breath. Add that with burping and farting and you’re a freak show that’s waiting to happen in work or college.

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