Here’s the trick to remove wrinkles on your clothes without ironing


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:48 pm

Damnit, you’ve got to go for a presentation tomorrow and you’re iron just died out on you. It was your reliable buddy that helped you get every wrinkle out of your clothing, and now you’re left to die in embarrassment.

But that’s only if you don’t get your clothes look like they’ve been ironed.

There’s another way to get your wrinkles off.

This is how you get it done.

The Trusty Blow Dryer
If you think of it, this is kind of like the long-lost sister of your iron. All you need to do is apply the heat from your blow dryer to the places with wrinkles. Make things easier for the both of you by spritzing some water on heavy wrinkles.

Just be careful to not set the blower too close to the actual fabric. A few inches away should do you and your shirt good.

The Dryer
Put your clothing into your dryer and throw in a damp piece of cloth or sock. Add around 3 ice cubes into the mix, and leave your dryer to run for 15 minutes.

Your Shower Works Too
This is one unconventional method that you MUST NOT underestimate. I am dead serious on this tip, as I am with the others.

Take a hanger and hang your skirt or shirt up on the shower rod. Now turn on the shower to its highest setting. Let the water run for a good 15-20 minutes, or until the wrinkles have disappeared.

Spritz and Hang Them Up
The weather’s been all levels of freaky lately. Take advantage of the horrendously hot morning sun. All you need to do in this instance is hang your shirt out where the sun will hit it, and spritz it lightly with a water sprayer.

Now, this step would usually take around an hour or two to work well. But we all know how the heat’s really been amped up, so I’m guessing a solid 30 minutes ought to do an amazing job.

There, you’re all set to go and get the wrinkles out from your clothes. No more having to worry about looking at your best for the next day or two.

Share the word with other people so they won’t have to suffer the way you might have had to. And happy spritzing and drying!

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