HEYTEA New Outlet Offering Alcoholic Bubble Tea & Alcoholic Ice-Cream

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Singaporeans love bubble tea, and I’m not excluded from the equation. Sure, I fancy myself as a ‘health fanatic’, but I do like a cuppa of milk tea from time to time.

“Milk tea? Boy, that’s not milk tea. 25% sugar isn’t anywhere near it. It’s blasphemous to suggest that the horrible concoction you’re drinking is milk tea!”

Aunt Matilda! What’re you doing here?

“I’m here to kick your sorry ass, you punk. Now get going with your headline already. I’m thirsty for info.”

I should have known. Aunt Matilda is a drunkard who doesn’t sleep without at least ten cans of beer per night.

Eleven cans, you stupid boy. Get your facts right.”

It’s amazing how you can be proud of that.

“Because I don’t like understatements, only overstatements. Now get talking before I steal your rabbit and eat it for breakfast.”

…someone get me a new aunt.

Alcoholic bubble tea & ice cream

As you might’ve surmised from the introduction, this article involves bubble tea and alcohol. But what you might’ve not surmised is that they’re not separate entities here.

They’ve been combined.

Now, before you continue, you might want to know more about bubble tea: do you know that boba means “big breast”? Here’s a video we’ve made because we love bubble tea as much as we love our cai png:

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Okay, moving on, HEYTEA, a bubble tea chain from China that’s renowned for its cheese milk tea foam, has announced some pretty nifty creations alongside the opening of its second outlet at Clarke Quay. Lest you’re wondering, one of them happens to be…

Alcoholic Bubble Tea.

Image: HEYTEA Facebook

For the record, there will be four alcoholic drinks to look forward to:

  • Spring Fling
  • Summer Siesta
  • Autumn Ashes
  • Winter Solace

Spring Fling, for one, will contain jasmine green tea, rum, lemon and mint leaves.

And if its Instagram OOTD were to be believed, it looks pretty darn photogenic too.

Colour me amazed.

Additionally, the outlet will also feature two Singapore-exclusive alcoholic creations:

  • The Royal’s Romance
  • Scarlet Heart

And though I’ve no idea what they look like, I can only imagine that they’ll look pretty darn presentable, just like the Spring Fling.

Did someone mention Desserts?

In case you didn’t catch it, HEYTEA’s pretty popular for its cheese milk tea foam.

In fact, it’s so popular that the Cheezo Tea actually ran out for a bit during their first run here in Ion Orchard.

But apparently, HEYTEA’s so much more than just their cheese, tea or other existing concoctions.

They’re also about the desserts too.

With their second outlet due to open this month, HEYTEA has announced that it will be offering honest to goodness alcoholic ice-cream flavours in its Clark Quay establishment. While the full deets have yet to be leaked, two flavours have been made known:

  • Singapore Sling
  • Guinness

And honestly, it doesn’t take much more than that to get my sweet tooth all thirsty. 

So what’re you waiting for?

If you’re a fan of HEYTEA or just find alcoholic bubble tea irresistibly appealing, you know where to go.


HEYTEA Clarke Quay

3A Merchant’s Court River Valley Road


Open from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Incidentally, the outlet will come with an area of 2,000 square feet, so customers will have actual space to sit down and enjoy their drinks. A plus point, I would gather. Also, it will apparently be equipped with a cool lighthouse theme, which contributes to a special lighting display.


So what’re you waiting for?

It’s time to plot that HEYTEA outing!

Image: Giphy

Note: we’ll update on the opening date when it’s made available.

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