Hidden Shop in Pioneer Selling Super Cheap Drinks Like a Can of 100PLUS at $0.41 Each

Convenience stores are not actually all that convenient.

Sure, it’s a walking distance away from wherever we are, but it definitely isn’t convenient on our wallets.

The day that 7-Eleven or Cheers will actually be cheaper than NTUC is when pigs will fly.

Thankfully though, there is a secret convenience store in Singapore that is unbelievably nice to our pockets. That being said, it’s probably not as convenient to go to.

Chap He Diam

Chap He Diam dubs itself a neighbourhood provision store, but that probably doesn’t apply unless your neighbourhood is around Pioneer.

At their largest store, you can find almost anything if you just know where to look. They go above and beyond your typical convenience stores by selling almost anything you need — for yourself, or for your pets.

It’s basically another NTUC, but without aircon and way cheaper.

Source: Facebook (Chap He Diam)

How cheap are we talking? Well, it’s something like $10.90 for 24 cans of 100 Plus — doing the math, it’s approximately $0.45 per can.

Source: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

If you’re a member, you’re slightly better off.

How Much Cheaper?

How does Fairprice fair (pun intended), in case you’re wondering?

Source: fairprice.com.sg

At $12.80 (which is a discounted price until the end of this month), the prices at Chap He Diam is a close to a whole $2 cheaper — that’s enough to buy a McChicken or Filet-O-Fish, by the way. With money, a little saved goes a really long way.

Source: Giphy

But that’s not all that is cheap.

What Else?

If you’re into sweets or snacks, then check out the price of Ferrero Rocher. It’s legit Ferrero; you can trust the quality even if you can’t trust the authenticity of some Value$ stores.

Image: Facebook (Chap He Diam)

At $12.90 for non-members, it is $3 cheaper than the price offered at Fairprice. If you’re a member, you even get to save six whole dollars. That’s enough to buy yourself a McChicken meal to celebrate your savings.

Source: fairprice.com.sg

Of course the promotion’s over, but you get the gist.

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If you have another eager mouth to feed in the form of pets, they can enjoy all the goodness in the world too.

Source: Facebook (Chap He Diam)

By spending $10.90 for 12 cans of food, you’re essentially paying $0.90 per can. Comparatively, Fairprice sells the same food at $1.25 per can, and there isn’t even a promotion!

So now you no longer have to worry about skinny cats or dogs; the chubby ones are the best to cuddle with, after all.

Promotions For Every Season

Because Chap He Diam is essentially a really informal supermarket, it is able to churn out promotions for every occasion — Black Friday, Deepavali, Hari Raya and more. With Fairprice, you probably won’t get deals that are as great.

Case in point, Maggi noodles.

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Granted; this may be more of an opportunity that comes by once in a lifetime (happened last year). However, when will Fairprice ever slash prices to half of its original price?



Chap He Diam’s supermarket at Pioneer is the one you want to visit if you’re looking to carry a truckload of cheap goods home. But if you merely want to buy the common food, you can try their (far more accessible) Hougang or Tai Seng outlet instead.

With prices just as cheap at every outlet, you have to wonder why Chap He Diam remains so inconspicuous after all this time.

You can find their locations here.

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