High-Beam this Car & You Might Get a Heart Attack

Just yesterday, there’s a joker who drove with his high-beam on behind me. Every car in front of him switched lane immediately, and the high-beamer simply just drove on, most likely unaware of his wrongdoing.

High-beam abuse isn’t exactly a big problem here in Singapore (primarily because some drivers didn’t even know when he is being high-beamed!), but over in China, it’s one heck of a problem.

It got so bad that the punishment for high-beam abuse is just as bad: offenders in Shenzhen were fined 300 yuan (about SGD$62) and made to sit in front of a glaring high-beam for a full minute.

But, well, some people took matters into their own hands.

Over in Taobao, people have started selling reflective decals meant to be pasted on the back of a car. When no lights are shone on it, you won’t see anything. But if you high-beam the car, here’s what will happen.

Image: boredpanda.com
Image: boredpanda.com

And they come in different designs.

Image: shanghaiist.com
Image: shanghaiist.com
Image: boredpanda.com
Image: boredpanda.com

Each decal is about 16 yuan (about SGD$3.30). Different provinces have different rules for this: in Beijing, it is not a chargeable offence if it hasn’t caused any accident, while in Shandong, having the decal would be a 100 yuan (about SGD$20) fine.

While you might think that high-beam isn’t a serious problem, think again: imagine driving in a single lane road, and the car behind you having its high-beam on the entire time. Not only are you not able to concentrate, your vision will be slightly impaired.

Now, let’s just see whether anyone dares to buy one in Singapore.

Featured Image: shanghaiist.com

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