Highlights of NDP2019: Auntie Accidentally Hitting Elderly, Foreign Leaders Attending & More

It’s 10 August 2019 and as per our usual tradition, you know we have to review the National Day Parade.

Nope, we’re not going to talk about the song of the year. You can check our verdict on that here.

Nor are we going to talk about the NDP goody bag. That’s old news.

Instead, we’re going to give you (almost) live coverage on the highlights of the NDP2019, starting with…

Auntie Accidentally Hitting Elderly

Some people think NDP’s a waste of time. Others find it exciting AF. Particularly this auntie who got so excited she accidentally hit a crown of silver hair.

But hey, you got to admit, the Red Lions deserves that much adulation.

And it’s refreshing how the elderly obachan, instead of getting angry, turned around with a puzzled smile.


Cray-Cray Outfits

Just like any other broadcast event (think Cannes festival), you can bet your ass that people on-screen are going to go all out to top each other in terms of outfits.

And what can be more blinding outstanding than what the hosts are wearing?

You’d think they’re hosting the Colour Run.

Back to the future, anybody?

Unexpected Guests

If you were serving in the SAF before, you’d have heard about how our soldiers have to be on-duty every National Day because of our neighbouring countries.

They were said to have the pesky habit of doing joint exercises near us on this special day.

But this year, instead of watching the fireworks from afar, they’ve decided to join in.

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NDP 2019 saw the presence of President Jokowi of Indonesia

Image: Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook Page

The Sultan of Brunei

Image: Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook Page

And PM Mahathir from Malaysia

Image: Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook Page

Can we have the KL-SG HSR back on-track, please?

Here’s a picture that DPM Teo Chee Hean sneakily took disguised as a selfie

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Matchy Outfit

And it wasn’t only the hosts playing around with their outfits.


Mr Lee Hsien Loong and DPM Heng Swee Keat decided to play matchy by wearing custom-made red white batik shirt.

Cool Planes

And speaking of highlights, how can you miss out on our RSAF’s amazing planes?

Bubble Tea Contingent

It’s official. Singaporeans are crazy over bubble tea.


I mean, they’re even in our National Day Parade.

For the previous few years, the marching contingents consists of services essential to Singapore like SingPost, SP, Singtel and more.

And now, with LiHo? You can consider them (and other bubble tea brands by association) to be essential to Singapore’s survival too.

And who could forget the memes?


I can get behind that.

PS: Did you know you can get 3D bubble tea nail art in Singapore?

Familiar Theme Songs

The armour vehicles are the highlight of past NDPs.

And this year, it’s made extra special with the accompanying song: Naruto.


Fitting, considering once we put on camo cream, we’re like kage bunshins.

And Avengers: End Game for the march in.


Tribute To Our Merdeka Generation

There’s a Chinese saying: 饮水思源. Basically, it means to remember where you come from.

And Singapore won’t be the country it is today without these folks.

Giant Lion

This time without the fish tail.

Image: Channel 5



Ramli Sarip

In case you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s known as Papa Rock and Malaysia’s King of Rock. He is also one of the founders of Singapore’s rock scene.

So if you love rock, thank him.

Touching Videos

NDP 2019 wasn’t just about sparks, shine and glitz. Real-life issues were discussed as well in videos.


Educators at heart, Singaporeans are.

Last But Not Least…Fireworks

So Happy Birthday, Singapore! And remember, there are armoured vehicles travelling through the streets of Singapore today.

They’ll be parking at heartland areas for Singaporeans to view and take IG-worthy photos from at the various PA carnivals today.


Closest you can get to Ah Boys To Men 4 movie in real life.

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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