This Hilarious Video Of 2 Chinese Kids Breaking Up Is Too Epic To Be Missed

If you’re a huge fan of Korean dramas, this breakup scene brought to life is something you’ll want to see. Besides the fact that it’s so drama-mama, the couple was so young, they looked like they’re still attending primary school – which makes it even funnier. 

Perhaps they watched too many K-dramas themselves, the couple was seen quarrelling on the streets with the female shoving the male on various periods. In the video that went viral gathering over 6.7k shares and over 12k likes, the girl is seen reprimanding him of breaking up with her although she gave him food every day including pepper and yogurt that he consumed.

Although the purchase of pepper for a boyfriend at such a young age is quite questionable, she remained adamant about her decision to stay attached. 

She went on to questioned him, “Who do you think I am?” in a top-notch drama level. Perhaps too young to understand that it would be a wrong mistake to counter the argument, he complained that she was too needy and with a brave front, said loudly that she’s nothing to him. Oh boy, he definitely has got balls of steel. 

Certainly braver than many grown men out there who rather break up over text, the male kid continued to walk away even after a harsh tongue-lashing from his girlfriend, or should we say ex-girlfriend.

What’s even funnier are the comments that gathered from the uploaded video on Facebook.

With just a few days before the year ends, they’re certainly ending it off with a bang. It also goes to show that the world is certainly changing. At a primary school level during our era, it was surely less dramatic and a lot more carefree. What were you doing at that age?

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