Ho Ching Thinks We Would Likely Still Open Up Due to Less Severe Illness from Omicron

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As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, the virus is mutating along the way. In other words, it is adopting different genetic changes.

Depending on the mutation, the rate at which the virus spreads and the severity of a viral infection differs.

First, we had Delta. Now, Omicron has struck.

As of today (17 Dec), 24 people have been positively infected with the Omicron variant thus far in Singapore.

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has taken steps to introduce travel restrictions for affected countries and regions. We have also reinforced our testing regime for inbound travellers arriving through the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs).

This will help control the flow of Omicron into Singapore and give us time to understand the variant through research.

While some feel that shutting our borders is the best way to deal with the issue at hand, others feel that opening up our economy is still viable.

Ho Ching Thinks We Can Still Open Up

In a lengthy Facebook post issued by Ho Ching today (17 Dec), she gave her views on the current pandemic situation amidst the new wave of Omicron variant.

She first started by giving context to the ongoing situation in the United Kingdom and European countries. The figures are in the “100’s and 1000’s” range, which is smaller compared to the daily Delta cases that those countries are facing.

Ho Ching cited an unnamed report that suggested how the Omicron variant spreads rapidly but is less efficient in infecting the lung cells. That meant that the infection would not cause much impact on the lungs.

One report suggests that the Omicron multiplies rapidly and a lot in the nose, but is not as efficient in infecting the lungs cells. This explains the rapid spread from the high viral loads produced in the nose and throat area, but not so quick to cause serious illness from lung damage.

Next best thing is to fully vaccinate the remaining folks

Presently, we have over 90% of each age cohort fully vaccinated, and our Delta exit wave is slowly dying out.

As proven by the steady decrease in daily cases lately.

However, Ho Ching says that we must be mentally prepared, as it is “a matter of time that we will see fast-rising Omicron sloshing around well before March next year.”

She also predicted that 2022 will be a tough year.



Because Omicron will most likely continue to spread globally, igniting new virus waves throughout Southeast Asia and Singapore.

Nevertheless, Ho Ching also stated that Singapore is likely to continue to open up with a lower risk of severe infection from Omicron.

We shall see. Only time could tell.

You can read her full post here:

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