honestbee Can Help Their Users Wash Their Clothes Fast, Cheap & Good

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Laundry can get pretty tiresome, especially when you’re all bruised and battered after work and just about ready to collapse in bed. But there’s really no escaping it, seeing how as a wise woman once put it:

The clothes aren’t gonna wash themselves, you useless son of one fine lady. – My mum

And while I don’t agree with the latter part, the former makes a lot of sense. The clothes aren’t going to wash themselves, and we’ll pretty much have to travel in our birthday suits if we don’t do it.

But why is it that we detest laundry so much? Why is it that we would rather commit harakiri, than to take dirty clothes out for a spin?

After perusing some of the darkest guides on laundry, like the 101 Most Gruesome Ways To Do Your Laundry and The Ten Most Death-Defying Experiences In Life With Laundry Being The First, I’ve come up with some answers.

Just be warned; they aren’t pretty.

1. It takes up a lot of precious time

Now, there are namely two (or rather three, but I shall touch upon that later) ways of doing your laundry: throwing your tattered clothes in your own washing machine, or taking them to a laundromat. And while they are both different in several ways, they are also united by one singular similarity:

They take up a chunk of your damn time, though heading to the laundromat arguably takes up even more, because of the travel time as well as expenses incurred.

And honestly, Singaporeans can’t afford for that to happen. Singapore is like the Metropolis version of the Hunger Games (except somewhat safer) but the point’s there: you need to make your time’s worth in a society as cut-throat as this.

And laundry? It’s like the no.1 hidden time assassin in this country.

2. Folding and ironing

Formal shirts are nice to look at. They are aesthetic, fitting and draw the chicks like a flame does to moths. But they don’t come cheap, and I’m not talking about the retail prices. Rather I’m talking about the effort value.

It’s not worth it.

So you’re done washing/ laundro-matting your shirts. You’ve wasted like a year on them, and you’re finally ready to chill/ go home, with your all-new scraggly beard in tow.

But hold on just a second; your shirts aren’t done. Because if you don’t iron them…

They will still look like literal pieces of shit.

Geezus Prist. Image: Reddit

Now there aren’t many times I liked Ironman in the Civil War Movie…

But this is one time I will appreciate his appearance, even if he doesn’t actually… iron clothes.

Or wait, does he?

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3. Entitlement

This one’s more for the young adults, so if you’re a mature individual you can scroll down and take a look at point 3 instead.

As young adults, we grow up knowing three things:

  • That boy/ girl looks cute
  • Singapore’s prices really cannot sia
  • Laundry? Wait let me enlist some help. Mum I broke my leg, could you do the laundry? Like as usual?

So naturally, having us do our own laundry is akin to breaking our legs.

But unfortunately, everyone grows up. That means sooner or later, we’ll have to do our own laundry. Eventually.

Oh the pain.

4. Field Pack

You’re all set for a trip to the laundromat, and you’re pretty much prepared for it.

All 20KG of baggage, that is. 

As you lug your stuff through the streets of Singapore, you can’t help but wonder whether you’re going to the Laundromat, or actually doing a simplified route march with clothes.

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And worse, after it’s done, you’ll have to route march back home.

5. Big and Bulky

If you’ve tried washing bulky items like comforters & blankets at home, you’ll know just how pain in the ass it is. Apart from taking up valuable space in your broken-down washing machine, it also clogs up the whole laundry area. Blankets be damned.

Honestly, had you not needed your blanket so much in the middle of the night, you would have lugged it into the rubbish area and let it rot there a long time ago.

Me? If I somehow managed to steal my boss’s credit card today, I’m just going to buy a new blanket every month.

But wait, there’s a way to avoid all those pain points

Incredibly, incredulously, there’s actually a way to siam your laundry. And I’m not talking about getting your uncles and aunties in on the Laundry Job.

It’s, after all, 2018. There’s an app for everything.

Say hello to no laundry days, people, for honestbee can actually do all of your laundry services for you, at a small fee!

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Laundry Services

No more going to the laundry shop for laundry; honestbee now does all the dirty work for you! And what’s more, you can order from the convenience of your desktop/ smartphone, and they will pick up and deliver within just two days!

That’s the time it takes for my blanket to be completely dry -_-

If you’re wondering about the costs, don’t be, because time’s effectively money anyway. But if you’re really a grubby penny-pincher at heart, you will be glad to know that honestbee Laundry, as opposed to many services, doesn’t actually implement a minimum spend system.

So even if you have just a plain old shirt to wash… well send it away!

Ironing Services

Ironing, or in other words a generally hassle-filled experience, is probably the worst part of the whole laundry project, and it’s not just me. Even my boss has shirked out of ironing his own clothes, and he’s like the most charismatic, handsome and impressive boss I’ve ever met (pay raise Boss?)

And guess what? honestbee totally gets it, and as such has incorporated an ironing service!

No more bending over for your clothes; it’s time to let the bees do the work!

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Lest you’re unaware, bulky items like comforters & blankets are really tough to wash at home. And I don’t mean that in the ‘hey your blanket’s tough as nails’ sense.

If you ever felt that way, you will be glad to know that honestbee offers laundry and dry cleaning services for those big ass apparel too.

And how about this on an ending note; honestbee has offered a special promo code for Goody Feed readers: GOODY15. The promo code entitles you to $15 off a minimum spend of $25! This is, however, only applicable to first-time Honestbee laundry customers, but if you fit the bill there’s really no better time to take your clothes for a good, convenient wash!

How does it work?

It’s 2018. Do we need to explain more?

Of course everything is done via an app, and in this case, the honestbee app.

Image: Honestbee App from my cool AF iPhone

It’s pretty simple (trust me, we’ve our own app and making things simple is always the priority).

Just log in your credentials, select the clothing items you wish to wash, select your preferred time-slot for pick-up and delivery…

Image: Honestbee App from my really cool iPhone

…and you’re all set!

Then you just have to wait for a friendly honestbee deliveryman to buzz by, pass him/her all your useless baggage, wait for 2 days, and you will have all your stuff back as good as new!

So what are you waiting for?

Laundry’s slowly killing all of us, and we should really stop such a cold-blooded act from ruining us any longer.

So download honestbee today, and save a life.

This article was first published in goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with honestbee.