Everything About Hong Kong’s New National Security Law That Might Spark Another Large Protest


We are all aware of the Hong Kong protest that happened in 2019 which was triggered due to the implementation of Extradition Bills. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the protests have subsided as Hong Kong limits the number of people per gathering.

So why the fear for another protest now?

As the situation in Hong Kong improves, China has proposed a national security law for Hong Kong in response to tackle last year’s pro-democracy protests. During the Chinese parliament session, it was said that the new law aims to safeguard the national security.

So, what’s this new law all about?

What is this law about?

Also, known as Article 23 of Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law is said to prohibit “treason, secession, sedition and subversion” against the Chinese government.

In layman terms, no one is allowed to conduct speeches to incite rebel, overthrow or undermine the Chinese government.

Yes, a very broad law.

Article 23 has always been in the talks, however, and was never implemented due to the public’s backlash.

So, why the need to implement now?

This may be due to the fact that the Chinese officials saw an urgent need to impose such law after the pro-democracy movement that happened in 2019 which has affected Hong Kong’s safety and economic quite drastically.

Why the outrage?

If it is a law to protect the country, why the outrage?

Hong Kong has always been under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy where Hong Kong is allowed to have its own economic and administrative system despite being part of China. This policy is expected to be effective until 2047.

However, with the implementation of Article 23, it has imposed fears to Hong Kong citizens that it will be the end of their system and that they will no longer have the freedom of expression.

This, to Hong Kong citizens, would mean that they will be under China’s socialism system.

Such fear has sparked an outrage, which has always been the trigger to most pro-democracy movements throughout the years in Hong Kong.

Online Post urged Protest

With the news of the implementation Article 23 spreading like wildfire, people were seen shouting pro-democracy slogans and an online post has appeared to encourage people to gather for a protest.


However, as Hong Kong is currently limiting social gatherings to only eight people, it is unsure as to whether the mass demonstration will happen. But, it is reported that small protests have been seen as the country improves from COVID-19 situation.

The United States has also warned against such law and said that they would “react strongly” if such law is passed.