Horse-riding Teens Spotted Getting Food at McDonald’s Drive-Through


What’s your preferred mode of transport?

Whether your answer is driving, taking public transport, cycling, or even walking, we guarantee that none of your answers trump that of a few teens in Malaysia.

Their answer? Horse-riding.

Teens Spotted Getting Food at McDonald’s Drive-Through in Malaysia on Horses

Last Thursday (18 May), a video surfaced on TikTok, leaving many netizens’ jaws on the floor.

The video uploaded by the 14-year-old TikTok user @missneoo0 showed her and her friends riding to a McDonald’s drive-through in Kuala Terengganu.

@missneoo0 Membalas kepada @Osman galau ♬ bunyi asal – lechi🤍

The catch is this: they weren’t riding on conventional modes of transport like cars or bikes. They were riding on horses.

In the 93-second video, a group of friends wait in line at the McDonald’s drive-through on their horses. With how calm and composed the trio was, it seems like it might not be the friend group’s first time going to a McDonald’s on their horses.

In front of them in the queue was a red hatchback.

Image: TikTok (@missneoo0)

Well, I guess you could call this a ride-through now.

Shortly after, the car in the front drove off. We think the driver might have been scared off by the three horses queuing behind them.

“Officer, I swear I wasn’t drinking and driving, but three horses were queuing behind me at the McDonald’s drive-through!” 

After the car at the front of the queue drove off, the three girls rode their horses forward to pay for their food, catching the McDonald’s staff off guard. One of the staff was so shocked he even took photos of the trio.

Perhaps it’s the McDonald’s staff’s first time seeing a real Ferrari.

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The three horse-riders paid for their food in cash before collecting their late-night McDonald’s fix from the collection area.

Image: TikTok (@missneoo0)

We wonder if they ordered food for their horses. Horses need fuel, too, you know?


Singapore: Black Horse Spotted “Horsing Around” in Bukit Timah Last Year

Back home in Singapore, we had our fair share of strange sightings of horses in places they should not be.

It’s no McDonald’s horse sighting, but in March last year, a black horse found itself on the news after Singaporeans spotted it horsing around near The Grandstand in Bukit Timah.

Image: Instagram (The Grandstand)

The horse was spotted standing outside a restaurant at The Grandstand, looking at a sign advertising a truffle fries and Korean wings promotion. Netizens joked about how the horse was deciding which dish to order.

Perhaps the horse wanted to order fries from McDonald’s instead but couldn’t find a drive-through.

The horse was also spotted galloping across a patch of grass by the road and trotting in front of a car on the road.


Well, we hope the horse didn’t cause a traffic jam.