Black Horse Spotted Shopping Around The Grandstand at Bukit Timah


It’s not every day that you see a horse, much less a horse… shopping?

That’s right, this black horse was enjoying its Tuesday afternoon trotting around and seeing what The Grandstand has to offer.

Carefree Gallop Towards Mall

Ah, to feel the wind in your mane, and your hooves thundering on the grass.

The horse was first spotted galloping across a field of grass, and it seemed to be making a beeline to the mall.

Can you spot the horse in this screenshot?

Image: Instagram (The Grandstand)

Trotted Happily In Front of Car, Didn’t Manage To Creep Up on Passer-By

The horse then found its way to the road, and trotted rather happily in front of a car.

It even looked back at the car before continuing its tail-swishing, as if saying: see? Aren’t I much cooler than your car?


Well, the horse doesn’t need to pay COE, so I think that’s a win.

It was also creeping up on a person walking to the bus stop. But it’s pretty hard to miss a big horse coming at you, and after a glance backwards, the horse’s sleuthing has failed.

Oh, well. At least the horse looked like it was having fun racing with the car.

Truffle Fries or Wings?

The horse was then seen standing outside a restaurant, looking at a sign advertising truffle fries and Korean wings.

The sight of a horse staring into a restaurant very seriously also makes you want to ponder on the merits of truffle fries versus wings too.

Image: Instagram (The Grandstand)

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Adventure Cut Short 

Perhaps the horse thought about fries versus wings for too long, as it was found and brought back to its stable before it could order anything.

The horse was escorted by what looked like a staff member from one of the turf clubs in Bukit Timah.

Image: Instagram (The Grandstand)

BTW, this is not the first time a horse has been spotted on the roads. A white horse was previously seen having the time of its life on the roads in Bukit Timah as well, in April 2020 and August 2021.

Hopefully, the black horse will get a meal worthy of fries and wings back in its stable.

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Featured Image: Instagram (The Grandstand)

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