Hotpot Restaurant in M’sia Will Give you Free Meat If You’re 1.55m & Below


It’s an open secret that the world is designed for the average height.

Standing in the pool? No fear of drowning. Just at the exact height needed.

Went on a crowded bus and need to stand? Handles just right where they need to be.

Sun is too bright in a car? Sun visors at the exact measurement so your eyes aren’t blinded.

See, those are the unseen perks of the average height.

But will an average height ever have the perk of free meat that’s 1 meter long?


For Every Table With A Male Below 165 cm, Or Female Below 155 cm

Here’s a human for scale:

Image: Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo
Image: Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo

Your eyes aren’t tricking you. That’s meat lined up that goes to 2/3 of your height.

Image: Giphy

In the restaurant 我们这一锅 Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo’s Facebook page, they posted the offer along with their contact info:

Image: Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo

So, Where Can I Find This Goody Deal?

It’s recommended that you reserve a table by calling or Whatsapp the number 016-5250887. The restaurant’s address:

Sub Lot 51, Ground Floor & First Floor, Jalan Tun Jugah, Gala City, 93250 Kuching Srawak

They open every day from 11 am to 11 pm.

By now you’re probably calling up your candidates for a hobbit cosplay party, but you might want to read on first.

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There Are Terms & Conditions

For one, the restaurant specifically said that they are giving pork.

Muslims on reading this:

Image: Giphy

I’m afraid Muslims aren’t the only ones disappointed. Teenagers will also find their dreams of meat heaven unfulfilled as this is an indulgence only reserved for the adults.

Here’s the list of the conditions:

  1. Must be 18 years old and above
  2. For females, height 155 cm or below
  3. For males, height 165 cm or below
  4. Only one plate of free meat claimable for each table
  5. Take a picture of the meat, like and tag their Facebook page
  6. Minimum spend of RM88

But where else can you find free meat for such a low price?

Here’s more from their menu so you can decide what to spend to fulfil the RM88 requirement. Check out their Facebook for more details.

Hot Pot menu (note that this was for delivery so it will be different):


Sliced Pork With Hot Chili Oil:

Dry Pot Chicken:

Fresh grads, you don’t need any experience to earn up to $4,200 with this “secret”:

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