Huawei Coming Out With Laptops in S’pore As Well; Looks & Named Like MacBook


Move over, MacBook Pro. A new sheriff is in town.

Meet the (not-so) new Huawei Matebooks. The new models, released overseas earlier this year, are finally coming to Singapore on 30 May!


Huawei first caught my attention when my friend who owns a Huawei phone took some photos of me during Chinese New Year.

And boy did I love the effects of the camera. As a devout Apple user, I must confess that I was blown away by the quality of the Huawei camera.

Now, I am interested to find out the other products that Huawei has to offer.

For all those non-techies (like me), the new Huawei Matebook X Pro (highly original name) and Matebook 13 models boast cutting edge specifications and are set to rival the biggest ultrabook competitions in the market.

An ultrabook is a laptop that is thin, light and portable, with high-end specs – the Matebook(s) fit the bill.  


The new matebook pro is pretty dope and according to the spec sheet, could be everything you have been looking for in a laptop.

It has a fast processor, big and sharp screen, a long battery life and it is light. This could mean hours of binge-watching Netflix without having to get up to charge your computer!

Let’s break it down

Source: Huawei


The colour of the Matebook looks like a darker shade of the signature silver of the Macbook. If a clean minimalist look is what you are going for then this is definitely your thing.

Source: Huawei

As the name suggests, the MateBook 13 sports a sleek and futuristic looking 13-inch screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of 88 per cent with a 2K display, with the latest-generation Whiskey Lake Intel Core i7/i5 processor to boot.

Source: Huawei

The X Pro version is the slightly more premium model, with a similar processor packaged in an even more impressive 91 per cent screen-to-body ratio, supporting up to 3K resolution.

12-hour battery life


The Matebook comes with a thicc 57.4Wh battery that Huawei and boasts that it can last up to 12 hours!

Doesn’t that sound amazing? You will no longer have to camp by a plug to charge your laptop every time you are out doing work (or watching random YouTube videos when you should be working).

For the sceptical gamer reading this

It is common knowledge that avid gamers have been put off by the lack of a dedicated graphics card on ultrabooks (I’m looking at you, Macbook).

Fortunately for the not-too-fussy gamer, the pricier i7 variant of both MateBook models will be rocking the Nvidia GeForce MX150/250, should you be willing to cough up the extra cash.


While that may not be enough for the hardcore-est of gamers, the MX cards are no slouch. (It beats an integrated graphics card, that’s for sure…)


If you are looking for a laptop, you can definitely consider getting the Matebook X Pro or the Matebook 13.

Typing all this on my 5-year-old MacBook air has left me feeling in want of a new laptop (and broke at the same time).