Human Remains Found In Crocodile’s Stomach After Villagers Hunt & Kill Man-Eating Animal


Describe Jurassic Park in a sentence without the mention of Jeff Goldblum.

Here’s my take on it – Unnecessarily gigantic flesh-eating reptiles that should not have been rebred for human amusement.

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Just how does one find himself stuck in investing a lifetime’s worth of fortune on genetically recreating a bunch of humongous lizard chickens?

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Humans have a bleak fascination towards what we fear! C’mon do I really need to talk about how people have died in horror movies just to prove a point?

You’re looking at a girl who once toughed through jellyfish infested waters!

Now if you’re thinking, “a dinosaur plague? A deadly jellyfish sting? Those would have been horrible ways to die!”

Without a doubt, having your bones used as T-rex toothpick would be tragic…  for any creature, in fact.

The suspected remains of a 33-year-old Indonesian plantation worker have been discovered in the stomach of 4.2m long crocodile in a plantation in the Ulu Suai District in Northern Sarawak.

The world is in drastic need of another Steve Irwin…

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Killer Crocodile Was Shot Dead

The hunt for the killer reptile started on 29 November upon the discovery of human remains along a riverbank that ran between the cities of Miri and Bintulu, reported AsiaOne.

Zolkipi Mohamad Aton, from The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), explained that they called in the police after workers from the area reported sightings of a giant crocodile.

The SFC team worked alongside the police and the villagers in hunting down the 4.2m swamp monster.

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The creature was shot dead on Friday, 7 December. It was only when its carcass was hauled out of the river that they found human bones and remains of clothes inside the crocodile’s stomach.

Public Advised Not to Tackle Dangerous Animals 

In a press statement, Zolkipi extended his gratitude to the police and the villagers for their involvement in the hunting of the killer reptile.

The chief executive officer of the SFC was firm on reminding the public on the importance of contacting the authorities or the SFC hotline upon coming across dangerous creatures.


He told the public to avoid tackling these creatures on their own.

Listen, y’all aren’t Steve Irwin. The smartest move would be to run.

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He said, “crocodiles are very dangerous, so the best thing is to alert us if there is anything sighting.”

Count this in our growing list of Horrible Ways to Die that are totally not inspired by Dumb Ways to Die!

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