The 凶-est Day in Hungry Ghost Festival 2023 is on 30 August 2023

From the puzzled expression on your face, I can almost hear you thinking, “Is Goody Feed going off the rails again? Claiming the Hungry Ghost Festival is a month-long gala for spectral gourmands lining up for bubble tea? Are they peddling fake news now?”

Let me clarify things for you, my befuddled friend.

To be precise, the Hungry Ghost Festival is a singular day that is observed on the 15th of July according to the Lunar calendar.

However, the entire month during which this day falls is referred to as the Hungry Ghost Month. This distinction is why in our recent video, we emphasized “Hungry Ghost Month” and not “Hungry Ghost Festival”:

In certain regions, this seventh lunar month is simply termed the “Ghost Month”, and the 15th day of this month is designated as the “Ghost Day”.

For the year 2023, the Ghost Day, or the 15th day of the Ghost Month, is set to be on 30 August 2023.

This will be the 凶-est day.

So, what should we be anticipating on this particular day?

A Surge of Hungry Ghosts on Hungry Ghost Festivial

As the Hungry Ghost Month commences, the gates of the underworld swing open, allowing spirits to wander freely in our world, seeking entertainment and sustenance. Following this, on the second day, the gates of Heaven are also unbarred.

By the time the 15th day rolls around, it’s believed that during the night, ghosts and malevolent spirits congregate. This belief is the reason behind the increased number of people making and burning offerings on this day, aiming to placate these restless spirits. This day is also recognized as the Zhongyuan Festival (中元节).

Consequently, you’ll notice a significant uptick in the number of offerings on the 15th day. After two weeks in our realm, these spirits are presumably “hungrier”, intensifying their search for food and amusement. The offerings you’ll come across are likely to be even more lavish and enticing.

It’s crucial to be aware of the various taboos associated with this period and to steer clear of them. To put it simply, refrain from swimming, ensure you return home before it gets too late, and be extra cautious not to accidentally disturb any offerings.

Also, always double-check before parking your vehicle to avoid any inadvertent mishaps.