Husband Sued Lecturer Who Has an Affair with His Wife & Also Sued the School

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Although Singapore is small and relatively young, we still have our fair share of weird crimes or lawsuits.

But this takes it to a whole new level, though.

Filed lawsuit for affair

A husband of a student who had an affair with her teacher sued him and the school for a breach of duty and care. Uh, okay.

Weird but okay.

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The case was brought to the high court, as he also wanted to hold the teacher liable for the affair.

Unfortunately for him, Assistant Registrar Jean Chan dismissed the suit yesterday, as they found no reasonable source of action.


The husband, Mr Bae Jun-Ho, now has to pay for the costs of this whole thing. And probably the divorce papers. The court also issued oral grounds for its decision to the parties in the chamber.

Mr Bae was looking to get compensation for mental distress and the cost of medical treatment.

Look, I’m no law student. Simply a media student with a law module, but I’m quite sure that a school is in no way responsible for an affair. But you do you.

In fact, he also had intentions to sue for breaches in a contract made by his wife and the school. But he isn’t a student, neither is he the school. Well then, you probably already know what happens next.

Key Factor

The key matter was that the relationship was between two adults who were both consensual about it. The relationship was between his wife Kang Eun-Jeong, 28, and her English lecturer, Mr Samuel Daimwood, 35.

Lawyers for the school and lecturer applied to strike off the case as an abuse of process, and other things, which lead to a few hearings of the merits being held over the last two months.

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Mr Daimwood argued that the affair was consensual between them. His lawyers argued that Mr Bae’s suit was “framed as a breach of some form of duty of care when, in effect, it was a disguised claim for damages for adultery”.

This became a Taiwanese soap opera real quick.

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Mr Bae and Ms Kang are both South-Koreans. They were married in January 2017 and moved to Singapore five months after getting married. He is currently on an employment pass while she is on a dependent’s pass.

In January of last year, she enrolled in an English preparatory course. A few months later, in March, she began to behave differently around her husband. According to court papers, besides the change in her behaviour, she also started to return home late.

So what did Mr Bae do? Install a surveillance camera in his home. And that was when things went downhill severely.

Through the footage, he was shocked to find out that Daimwood was seen entering his house on the day that he left for a business trip to Bangkok. He was the co-teacher of Ms Kang’s intermediate English class.

He agreed that all their encounters happened in the couple’s home. And the first time he went there, it was because his wife had invited him to watch a Korean movie and eat Korean food.

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Not Responsible

In the papers filed by his lawyer, Mr Bae alleged that the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) breached its duty of care. For?

Letting his wife cheat on him.

The school then countered that whatever he was feeling and suffered from as a result were because of the affair and had nothing to do with the school.

Quite funny, actually.

Daimwood’s services have been terminated with the school.