Lady from ‘Hwa Chong’ Openly Looked Down on Others in MRT Train & Even Made Racist Comments


Have you ever encountered Karan?

If you’ve never seen one, well, brace yourself… you’re in for a treat.

Introducing the “Hwa Chong” Karen

An unnamed middle-aged lady was caught on video asking seemingly random people on an MRT train about their “race”, and subsequently making racist and elitist comments.

Recorded by a 26-year-old athletics coach, Ryan Kalmani, the two-minute video that went viral on Twitter saw the “Karen” bragging about graduating from the prestigious Hwa Chong Institution.

She then proceeded to ask the men sitting nearby, including Ryan himself, “You guys want to tell me which JC (junior college) you’re from?”

She even asked, “What’s your race?” to which a passenger replied, likely in an attempt to humour her.

“Malay, is it? OK, no wonder,” she responded, adding that, “I will never mix around with you guys because we’re so different.”

Unprovoked Behaviour

In an interview with Coconuts, Ryan mentioned that the lady was actually filming the whole encounter on her phone as well since she claimed that “they were harassing her”.

She also claimed that the video is going to be used as evidence to file a complaint with authorities on why she needs to “mix” with “Malays” like Ryan and the other men in the cabin.

Perhaps she thought she will get a cabin of her own if she does that… hah, tough luck!

Ryan also pointed out that everyone was just “minding their own business” and that her racist and elitist behaviour was completely unprovoked.

“I didn’t know what happened before that but no one did anything. From afar when I spotted the empty seats, everyone was just minding their business so I went to that area. From my point of view, nobody did anything to provoke her.”

Despite having to deal with the fatigue that often comes with fasting, he had to hold in his anger during the entire 15-minute incident.

Honestly, if the men in the cabin hadn’t been such gentlemen, I daresay the “Karen” would likely be getting a piece of their minds.

A “Karen” is always a “Karen”

The outpour of outrage from netizens once the Tweet went viral is completely unsurprising, especially in this day and age of growing anti-racism protests and movements.

But apparently, this “Hwa Chong Karen” is famous for spouting elitist and racist comments to other people on the MRT as well.


Replies on Ryan’s Tweet revealed that the same lady was recognized by other frequent users of the train service for belittling an Indian man and also an elderly garbage collector.

However, due to her unusual behaviour, some netizens suggested that the lady might actually be unwell… mentally that is.

Note that the original video and Tweet posted by Ryan were deleted/removed, but someone has re-uploaded it on Facebook here:

Featured Image: Facebook (Al-kisah)