I Subscribed to Amazon Prime 7-Day Trial & Unsub After 7 Min. Here’s Why.

When Netflix just came to Singapore, everyone in the office went apeshit: finally, after the invention of the Internet and 4G, we can watch our favourite shows online legally!

But well, the joy lasted for about one day, because it turned out that the video library in Netflix Singapore is as tiny as the programmes that Channel 5 have. In fact, Channel 5 might even have more movies and dramas!

And so, when Amazon Prime Video announced its arrival in our shores, I thought it’s about time. After all, Amazon Prime Video is one heck of a competitor in the US, so it should have more videos, eh?

Even if it has less videos…it should have some good ones, eh?

Well, check out the “Top Movies” of Amazon Prime Video Singapore.

You expect new movies, or at least, movies released in 2010s? Well, you’ve got two: Bridesmaids and Hugo, which I’ve got to admit that I’ve not heard of before. And the other movies? Yeah, I’ve heard of them before, but I watched them when I was a kid.

Alright, maybe they’ve got great TV dramas. I don’t really care about Amazon original series because in Singapore, it’s already not easy to find top dramas aired in the US. Guess what’s the “Top TV Dramas”?

It’s no surprise that Amazon original series came top, because those people who have subscribed most likely were interested in these. And the rest? What the heck are they?

And I’m not going to tell you how disappointed I was when I searched for movies and TV dramas…only to find this response in ALL searches I’ve done (FYI, “Star Trek” wasn’t the only search I’ve done).

Anyway, it has been a nice seven minutes. At least now I know, I shouldn’t unsubscribe to Netflix…not that they’ve got great library, anyways.

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