I tried the new McDonald’s salted egg yolk burger but I’m loving the fries instead

Okay, I’ve got to admit this as a disclaimer: I’m a fan of everything McDonald’s. While what I like is their fast operations, whereby I can grab a meal and finish it within fifteen minutes, the food still plays a part, although I’m one who would eat even poo if it can save me more time.

Four days ago, when McDonald’s introduced their new East Coast outlet, stating that they would be working on a menu that is based on what is trending, I speculated that salted egg yolk burger would be one of them. If only I could speculate this weekend’s 4D number, because salted egg yolk burger really came.

While I’m not a fan of salted egg yolk (I mean, why the trend?), I’ve consumed many salted egg yolk dishes in the last few months because people around me wanted them. Even the cai png stall near my office has a salted egg yolk chicken dish, which is pretty unique since cai png often stuck to traditional dishes.

Therefore, I’ve more or less know what good salted egg yolk tastes like: it’s supposed to be creamy without an overbearing taste of eggs, and is usually a combination of lots of sweetness and less of saltiness. But of course, that’s just me.

The presentation of the salted egg yolk burger isn’t exactly Instagram-worthy: it looks a McChicken that has gone to the gym.


So, how’s the taste? My burger has a generous amount of salted egg yolk sauce, and it tastes just like what I’ve expected: creamily sweet with a tingle of saltiness. It blends well with the bread (more on the chicken later), almost like those salted egg yolk croissants that are taking Singapore by storm.

However, the crispness of the “Zinger-styled” patty might not be the best companion for the sauce. It sort of overshadows the sauce, and I would have preferred a flat McChicken patty to bring out the true experience of a salted egg yolk dish.

Having tried all the foods in the new McDonald’s menu, the others were pretty “McDonald’s”: you get the usual pie that has banana in it and fans’ favourite spicy nuggets. But my favourite would have to be the curly fries. Or shaker fries. Or just that new fries.


The shaker ingredients are salt and pepper crab-flavoured—that’s putting many things in one small pack, but the combination is something so unique, you feel like it’s just a new flavour altogether. While it tastes exactly what it says: salty, peppery and “crabby”, but adding all of them together works like a charm.

Would I try again? Maybe not the salted egg yolk burger since it’s just a trend, but the fries—I hope they’ll make it permanent. And maybe just give it a fancy name, like SaPeCra, because why not?

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