Woman Tried to ‘Online Shame’ ICA for Alleged Mistake But It Turns Out It’s Not a Mistake


Nowadays, whenever you needed help from a big organisation in Singapore, there are two avenues you can go for:

  1. Send an email in to ask for help;
  2. Or take to social media to publicise the “wrongdoing”

Sometimes, taking to social media works, especially if you needed an organisation to move fast.

But sometimes, it backfires spectacularly on you, such as what happened to this woman.

Woman Tried to ‘Online Shame’ ICA for Alleged Mistake

Just recently, a young woman in Singapore took to TikTok to allege that ICA had printed the wrong expiry date on her passport.

According to her, the expiry date of her new passport should have been 2032 instead of 2023.

However, the date of issue on her passport was shown as 19 May 2022 and the expiry date was 1 Mar 2023.

This means that, after a seven-week-long wait, she got back a passport that would expire in nine months.


In the video, the woman said she’ll be making her way to ICA to get the issue resolved as she needed it urgently for an exchange trip to Germany.

ICA: It Wasn’t A Mistake

The TikTok video was taken down shortly after and the woman deleted her TikTok account.

ICA also responded to the incident, revealing that they’re aware of the incident, and have met with the woman in question to resolve the situation.

It was also made clear that there was no printing error although no clarifications were given on the short validity period.


“ICA would like to assure the public that there was no printing error in the woman’s passport.

“We have got in touch with the woman, who has turned up at ICA Building (on Friday, June 3) and closed the case with her.”

ICA statement via TNP

Passport Problems

If you’re headed to Johor Bahru anytime soon, remember to check whether your passport was stamped upon entering our neighbouring country.

Three Singaporeans were detained for seven days in JB when trying to return to Singapore because their passports were not stamped at entry; in the end, they had to pay a fine of RM 3,000 each.

Also, make sure to renew your passports early if you have plans for travel.

Demand for new passports has surged since travel restrictions were relaxed significantly. A man who waited two months for passport renewal later realised that his identification photo was rejected.

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