Iconic Brands A&W And Shake Shack Coming To Changi Airport in 2019

Image: 8days.sg / straitstimes.com

No matter what Monday Blues you’re feeling right now, it’ll dissipate with what the rest of the article is going to say.

Remember when we said that A&W stores might be coming back to Singapore?

And people went crazy over it.

Well, guess what? Your dream has come true (that’s if you’re an A&W fan).

Plus a Bonus. Yup, that’s a capital B.

A&W To Open an Outlet in S’pore In Early 2019

Image: channelnewsasia.com

If you’ve always been travelling to JB, specifically Bukit Indah, for your A&W fix, know that those days are over.

Image: memegenerator.net

According to a Channel NewsAsia report, A&W already has a Singapore leadership team right here working on getting it up and going.

And if you’re one of those who’s always saying stuff like, please come back, A&W or I don’t wanna live without you~

Yeah, you’re partly responsible for their comeback.

They said that the decision to make a comeback on our sunny island is “largely due to daily requests via social media and other channels to bring the brand back to the Singapore market”.

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In other words, the power of the masses ftw. Now, let’s see if this can work for oBike too.

What do you expect from A&W’s Comeback?

A&W coming back is one thing, but that’s not the most important question of the day.

The most important question is, what are they bringing back?

And here’s what you can expect to get:

Coney dogs

Image: Twitter

Better than the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger.

Curly Fries

Image: Flickr

Step aside, McDonald’s, the king of fries is back.

And of course, our favourite.

The Iconic.

Undefeated champion.

Root Beer Float

Image: hip2save.com

Reports state that an outlet would be in Jewel Changi Airport that will be completed in 2019. It is, however, unknown if that would be the very first outlet to be in Singapore.

Image: youtube.com

Jewel Changi Airport is a lifestyle hub connecting terminals 1, 2 and 3. It will feature not just food, but a 5-storey garden and a 40m-tall indoor waterfall.

It’s meant to not just cater to tourists, but to be a fun destination for Singaporeans as well.

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But don’t worry if you’re not in the mood to travel to the east just for some A&W. 

A&W CEO, Kevin Bazner, said that A&W restaurants will be opening in key neighbourhood towns or regions, as well as shopping malls and in the Central Business District.

Please open one at Jurong Point. Confirm got business one, I tell you.

Plus, all the restaurants will be halal-certified.

So there you go. Our prayers have come true. But this isn’t the only good news to hit the news this week.

Oh no, there’s still one more person shaking up the landscape.

Iconic Burger Chain, Shake Shack, Coming To S’pore As Well

This time, A&W isn’t coming alone. They’ve brought along their buddy, Shake Shack, to visit and, hopefully, stay.

Image: clevescene.com

Look at that beauty. That’s what I call an all-American burger that’s juicy, crunchy and everything else you’d want in a burger.

And guess what?

This beauty is coming to Singapore. Jewel Changi Airport, to be exact. Easties, you lucky buggers. Does anyone want to send some burgers to our office?

It was rumoured that Shake Shack has awarded licensing rights to Korean F&B conglomerate SPC Group.

When asked about the rumours, Shake Shack founder, Danny Meyer, merely said that his team has been to Singapore thrice to check out the site. And that they would love to start Shake Shack in Singapore.

Jewel Changi Airport didn’t deny the rumours as well.

Started From a Cart, Became International Star

Image: splinternews.com

Started in 2000 as a hot dog stand, Shake Shack has grown into an incredibly huge brand in just 18 years.

They have over 170 outlets in America and overseas, and serves 100% all-natural Angus beef, with all patties cooked to medium.

Image: 8days.sg

Their potato flour buns are soft and feathery, a perfect companion to the other ingredients used.

We’ve heard a lot about it, but I guess we’d know once the outlet opens up at Jewel Changi Airport next year.

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