If you see these warning lights on your car dashboard, stop your car immediately, if not…

If you drive, you should really know what all the lights on your car dashboard mean! They are not there just to glow and look pretty. Some cars that are newer and more advanced might have all kinds of symbols, but we have shortlisted some of the more important ones! If you see them being lighted up, don’t try and drive even further or you (or your precious car) might be in danger!

Coolant Temp Warning:

Image: http://www.rac.co.uk/

If you see a symbol that looks like a thermometer in the water, this is indicating that the temperature has exceeded normal limits. Your engine could possibly be overheating. If your coolant levels are too low, the car may get so hot that some parts start to melt! Check coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap (note: do this only when the engine is cool!), coolant leaks.

Oil warning light
oil-warning-iconSimilar to the coolant warning light above, this symbol will light up if your oil temperature gets too high or the oil level/pressure is too low. If you see this light, it means that there is insufficient oil lubrication in your engines. This can result in expensive damages to your engine, so be sure to consult a mechanic immediately if you see this.

Brake system warning light
brakes-warning-iconThis is probably hands-down the most crucial feature. It basically means – there is something wrong with your brakes and you are going to die. Okay, not the latter, but that might really happen if you can’t brake in time on the roads!

Gas Cap
download (1)This means that the gas cap is not tightened properly. You are probably wasting loads of fuel if this is happening. If not addressed, quite often the Check Engine Light will also be glowing.

Top Image: gdainti/ Shutterstock.com

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