This IKEA Bag Cost Over SGD$4,000. Oh, Wait, It’s Not an IKEA Bag.


I‘m sure all of us have been to IKEA at least once. Even if you aren’t there to shop for their furniture, you’ve definitely seen the iconic IKEA blue bag.

Now, I know that not all of us are in the fashion scene. But hey, have you seen this?

It has just made its debut on the runway at Men’s Spring 2017 show earlier this year. And boy, it sure looks familiar, I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere before… 


Oh, snap. Now I know why it looks so familiar.


IKEA Bag VS Balenciaga Bag

Have fashion ventured from shopping malls to furniture malls? Introducing Balenciaga’s latest bag, a blue ‘Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote’ in the first picture above. People have been accurately noted that it looks exactly like the IKEA shopping bag. 

Did I mention that the Balenciaga bag, made from “blue wrinkled, glazed” leather retails for over SGD $4,000?

Crazy, huh? 

Here’s a little background. Balenciaga was founded in 1919 by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Currently, the luxury house is headed up by cult brand Vetements’ creative director Demna Gvasaliahas – who appears to be steering the brand in a much more subversive direction.

We don’t quite get how fashion works, but the bag surely does create an impression that  spending a hundreds of dollars on a ‘DHL’ T-shirt is certainly part of the fashion world. 

Meanwhile, IKEA told Today that they’re quite pleased about Balenciaga’s new bag (which is available for purchase now). They mentioned that they are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the IKEA iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents.

Perhaps the beauty in fashion lies in the inspiration behind it? Maybe sometimes it’s just open to interpretation, and that’s something great about fashion. 

This is not the first time something like this has happened. There’s a pair of SAF combat boots at $1,191 and an auntie bag at $3,000.

I got NTUC FairPrice plastic bag for sale at just $999. Any taker? No? Okay, I give discount, $799. Anyone?

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