These Images of #TaobaoFails Show Why 一份钱一分货


You’ll definitely know the exact meaning of 一份钱一分货 when you see these images from Taobao orders. They will explain it themselves. 

It is ridiculously funny when you see these pictures of some #Taobaofails. I’m pretty sure that the buyer did not expect to get his or her items in such humourous condition; neither did we. Check these items out to decide if you would still risk purchasing items from our cheap and affordable Taobao. 

Long Pants

By long pants, I mean really really long pants. 

Image may contain: people standing

It looks like someone is ready for some scuba diving. I mean, look at the length of it, the amount of excess cloth is crazy!

Image may contain: one or more people
Image: Facebook (Yoeng Pei)

Back laced Dress

Back lace dresses are very pretty and elegant- if worn with the correct measurements.

Image: Taobao

However, it looks like this back laces were spun by a spider. Poor buyer. 


Edwardian Dress

This Edwardian dress appeared opulent with a full bodied shirt online (left), however, in reality, it was a disappointment. (right) The proportions were off, even the details were lacking. 

This Edwardian dress appeared opulent with a full bodied shirt online (left), however in reality it was lackluster (right)


This ballgown (left) decked with beautiful colours of purple, blue and white, is the perfect fit for an ice princess. However, when the buyer received the dress, there appeared to be some colour gone wrong. Did they run out of dye? 


一份钱一分货, cheap goods have its risk of having a wardrobe malfunction. Would you still take the risk?

But of course, not all vendors provide clothes spun by spiders. The key takeaway is this: read the reviews. Again and again, until you’re absolutely certain the seller is legit with legit goods and legit reviews.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Yoeng Pei)

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