You Can Now Buy Impossible Beef from NTUC FairPrice & RedMart for $16.90

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Vegetarians, people already on a plant-based diet or those who are interested in trying Impossible meat: rejoice!

The Impossible plant-based beef is now available at your nearest NTUC FairPrice or if you’re too busy to head down to a physical supermarket, it’s also up on RedMart.

The Impossible meat retails at a price of $16.90 for a 340g pack which is more expensive than most ground beef.

Image: Impossible Foods

If you’re thinking why the name of the beef sounds familiar, then it’s because you’ve probably read or heard F&B places that have introduced it to their menu.

Already in Singapore

While the Impossible beef is now only being made available for purchase, it’s not the first time the Impossible Foods have been in Singapore.

For example, in December 2019, MOS Burger included the Impossible Burger at all its outlets. Don’t worry, it’s not a limited-edition burger so it’s still there.

Image: Mos Burger Singapore

This year, Starbucks introduced the Impossible Rendang Pie which was found across all stores and was also available for delivery through Foodpanda, Deliveroo and GrabFood.

Image: Starbucks Singapore

Unfortunately, this was a limited edition item and was only available till 11 August.

What is Impossible Foods?

Impossible Foods was founded 16 July 2011 in California, USA, when the CEO and founder Dr Patrick O. Brown wanted to make a more sustainable global food system by making meat, fish and dairy from plants.

In 2016, the Impossible Burger was launched.

The Silicon Valley-based food startup launched the Impossible Burger in Hong Kong in 2018, making it its first international market.

Impossible Pork has not yet been launched commercially and no plans have been announced yet. Impossible Sausage was launched in the US mid this year and was launched in Hong Kong in September.

Are Impossible Foods good for you?

Yas…and also no.


The great thing about Impossible meat is that it can help to fight climate change, because consuming plant-based meat helps the environment.

Impossible Foods’ mission is to help restore biodiversity to the environment.

So yes, eating plant-based meat will mean you’re reducing your own carbon footprint and by doing so, protecting the environment.

But then again, there is a “bad” side to plant-based food.

In fact, it can be potentially bad for your body.

The Impossible and Beyond burgers have similar amounts of protein and calories when compared to a beef patty, but with less saturated fat and no cholesterol. They also contain fibre, which real meat does not.


Goody, right? Well.

Compared to real beef, the two plant-based burgers are significantly higher in sodium, containing about 16% of the recommended daily value.

In short, if you’re worried about your sodium levels, just don’t eat the plant-based meat on an everyday basis. It’s not like not eating meat will kill you.

More information of how “ultra-processed” plant-based meat is can be read here.

But How Does It Taste?

A colleague who doesn’t eat beef claims that if no one has told him, he’d have thought that he was having beef.


As for how it tastes, he admitted that it does taste like real meat, and the only thing that’s stopping him for having more is the price.

Not sure if he’d have changed his mind after reading this article, though.