Imran Rahim Responds Publicly After Being Accused by Charles Yeo for Sexual Misconduct

You might just be familiar with just one name in the headline.

If you use Facebook often, you might be familiar with the name Charles Yeo and have also learned a new Chinese idiom, 成何体统.

If you use Instagram often, you might be familiar with Imran Rahim, as he’s the husband of Andrea Chong, a Canadian ice dancer who represents Canada in—eh, wait. Something’s not right. This comes out in Google…

Image: Zoogle?

…but no, that’s definitely incorrect.

Instead, Andrea Chong, also known as Drea Chong, is one of the top influencers in Singapore with well over 300K followers on Instagram.

So, what happened?

MemeLord Charles Yeo has just set up an Instagram account and garnered well over 14.6K followers in a short period of time.

But the MemeLord didn’t set up the account to showcase policies for his party, the Reform Party. Instead, the account is almost akin to an influencer, whereby he puts up live IG videos and speaks to his viewers.

Quite entertaining to watch, in fact, except that each livestream is so long that you can finish a whole Korean drama if you watch everything he’s put out.

And in one of his videos posted earlier this week, he spoke about Imran Rahim, and accused him of improper conduct. In fact, he’s so serious about it that he told his viewers that he won’t be engaging with them but would just speak about Imran.

Imran, who’s now serving NS as a—

Image: Facebook (Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF))

—oops, sorry, wrong person.

Imran is a senior associate (i.e. lawyer) at law firm Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP). According to TODAYonline, Imran has agreed to take a leave of absence in the meantime while his employer investigates the allegations. They’ve said, “It is looking into the matter and making its own enquiries into these allegations. In this regard, the firm implements a zero-tolerance policy towards any matter concerning sexual impropriety.”

And by the way, Charles Yeo is also a lawyer.

Imran, who’s been praised by ministers like the Education Minister and Environment and Water Resources Minister, has since responded.

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And what better way to respond publicly than with an Instagram post?

Lest you can’t read:

I am aware of the sustained attacked by Charles Yeo against me on social media.

I do not know him and I do not know why he has chosen to launch these personal attacks against me.

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I deny the wide-ranging allegations made by Charles Yeo and will be taking the necessary steps to vindicate myself. In the meantime, I am currently assisting my employer with internal investigations.

If you want to read and watch the allegations, you can head down to Charles Yeo’s Instagram page, though you should be prepared to spend hours there.

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