This Incredible App Can Do Your Homework for You


Struggling students everywhere, rejoice! The next time you struggle with your homework, and you feel too lazy to ask your friends or your teacher (or there’s just way too many questions), We’ve got some good news for you.

You may or may not have heard of this, but there’s an app for it. An app can help you do your homework.

Socratic, the Free Homework Helper

Actually, quite a few apps out there offer this service. One of them is called Socratic, and it offers unparalleled convenience. Simply take a photo of your question, then the app will solve it for you, detailing all the necessary steps. This is, of course, for Math. It’s like a free tutor in your smartphone! Did I mention it’s also free? Because it is. Who needs tuition?


Aside from Math, Socratic can assist in other subjects as well. The process is the same, just take a photo of the question, and the app will attempt to answer it for you, by looking up answers on the internet. It searches for answers, explanations, and even relevant YouTube videos to help you understand, which makes Googling for answers for your homework easier than ever. You don’t even need to Google anymore, that’s how useful this is.

If you’re still not satisfied with the level of service provided by a free, automated app, there’s also Homework Helper and Slader, which are crowdsourcing apps where your questions will be compared to a database of crowdsourced answers from students like you. Ask a friend, without actually having one! All the convenience and helpfulness of asking an actual living person without the pesky social interaction.

And if you’re still not satisfied, wow. You, my friend, have way too high standards for what basically amounts to cheating (of course, we know you can actually learn from the steps). No worries, we still got your back. There’s an app called HwPic, where pictures of your questions are sent to real tutors, who would then respond with a step-by-step solution. You can also pay for faster answers, but by that point, you might as well get an actual tutor.

Now that you know there are apps like that out there, there’s no more excuse for not doing your homework (I’m sorry)! Just to be clear, though, we definitely do not endorse cheating with these apps, so don’t go around taking pictures of tests and exams, please.


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