Indonesia KFC Has Fried Chicken Skin That Costs $1.30 Per Pack

Image: Facebook/KFC

This is it.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.


Do you love the fried chicken at KFC and just wish you could munch on the crispy, flavourful chicken skin all day without getting too full because of the meat that comes along with it?


What if I told you… that it’s actually possible now?

Just the sin that is FRIED. CHICKEN. SKIN.

KFC’s New Menu

KFC in Indonesia just announced on Facebook that they would be selling fried chicken skin as a snack item in small packs. A dream come true.

Image: Facebook/KFC

Each pack of crispy goodness goes for RP 13,636, or just SGD $1.30.

While some people may feel like it’s a little too much for some fried chicken skin, most of us probably wouldn’t mind throwing away some money for this glorious mix.


However, the snack is only available at six KFC outlets in Indonesia so far. Considering that Indonesia has over 600 outlets with plans to open even more, six outlets are only less than 10% of KFC outlets in Indonesia. It’s so limited!

So I guess if you really, really want this heavenly bag of chicken skin, you’d have to travel to one of these outlets to get your fix:

  • MT Haryono (KFC Gelael)
  • Salemba KFC
  • Cideng KFC
  • Kemang KFC
  • Kalimalang KFC
  • Kelapa Gading KFC

Sadly, it’s not available in Singapore just yet. WHY?!


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The post on Facebook has gathered more than 4.9K shares and 2.9K likes within two days, garnering 2.3K comments – mostly from people who couldn’t wait to savour the treat.

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Image: Facebook/KFC

Because one is never enough.

This guy even shared a funny anecdote about how this new fried chicken skin snack saved his friendship.

Image: Facebook/KFC

The demand has also spilt over to other countries outside Indonesia (and Singapore).

Image: Facebook/KFC


Even though it’s probably not that healthy (I mean, it’s literally fried chicken skin), let’s hope it tastes as good as the hype to the point that we don’t feel the onslaught of calories.

Anyway, BRB, gotta go book my plane ticket to Indonesia now.