There’s a Platform to Review Influencers’ Work Ethnic & Xiaxue Isn’t Happy Due to Lack of Accountability


Whenever we want to try a new food place, we would go online to find reviews from food bloggers and credible food pages.

Is this new restaurant delicious? Is this new cafe affordable?

It’s a way for us to get a glimpse of what the restaurant can offer, as well as its service and food quality.

However, not every review is reliable. Everyone has their own liking in food. Heck, some people even decided that the food is bad without tasting it.

Which is why it is important to have credible feedback.

But how credible is credible?

There’s a Platform to Review Influencers’ Work Ethnic

There’s an Instagram account by the handle of @influencerglassdoor, specifically created to post reviews of Singapore-based influencers.

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Members of the public who have claimed to work with influencers before can submit a review to this account, where it will be posted.

In case you are clueless, “Glassdoor” is a reference to the popular employer review site that allows anonymous reviews of workplaces.

These reviews list pros and cons for people to get a gist of the company’s culture, while comparing it to industry standards across the board.

Influencer Glassdoor works the same, where it reviews influencers instead of workplaces.


They have a presence on both Telegram and Instagram where the latter is a private account. It has currently about 7,000 followers as of writing this article.

According to the ground rules of their Instagram page, it states that reviewers should not “send hate”, but share their objective point of view about the influencers they have worked with.

The reviewer’s identity will be kept anonymous, while influencers who were outed with negative reviews had their usernames censored.

However, it’s pretty easy to identify their social media handles if you’re familiar with it.

There are plenty of positive reviews, and here are a few examples:

Image: Instagram (@influencerglassdoor)
Image: Instagram (@influencerglassdoor)

On the other hand, there isn’t a lack of negative reviews as well.

Image: Instagram (@influencerglassdoor)
Image: Instagram (@influencerglassdoor)

According to the disclaimer, the admins created this platform with the purpose of “helping businesses or anyone working with influencers form better decisions.”

They also stated in their bio that the opinions of the reviewers do not reflect the admin’s.

While it seems like its a useful way for people who are keen to work with influencers to gather information, does it really shed the truth?

Xiaxue Isn’t Happy Due to Lack of Accountability

On Friday (29 May), blogger and influencer Xiaxue have spoken about this issue in her Instagram stories.


In her stories, she expressed that the platform did not respect the livelihoods of influencers by posting unverified reviews to the public.

Image: Instagram (@xiaxue)

In addition, she pointed out how there was zero credibility in the reviews as she can simply anonymously submit a good review of herself.

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She also stated that while the submissions aren’t public, the admins are the ones posting it, which makes them personally liable for defaming influencers.

Image: Instagram (@xiaxue)

While she understands that it would be nice to get a review before working with an influencer, she stressed that anonymous submissions are “not the way to go”.

Instead, the only way to deduce if an influencer is a good fit would be to personally ask the opinion of people who have worked with them before.

Image: Instagram (@xiaxue)

She ended her post by remarking that people can be so “cavalier” about reviewing influencers that might affect their livelihoods.


On top of that, there isn’t any concrete evidence to prove these reviews, which makes it tiring for influencers to constantly have to fight for the truth.

While reviews are useful, not every review is credible. There is no way to tell if these reviews were of real experiences or made up lies by people.

If you think about it, even food reviews online have evidence that they have been to the restaurants and cafes from their photos.

The Internet is indeed a scary place, and I guess the only thing we can trust online are cats: