Influencer Kicked Valet Driver Off the Car & Drove Herself Home

Imagine being chartered to drive someone home, only to get booted out midway through the journey.

Sounds like a tough ride? Well…

It actually occurred.

Though before you jump to conclusions, there’s a reason why.

Rushing A Red Light

You may have heard of Winnie Heng, an up-and-coming influencer who has 19.4K followers.

But if you haven’t, well…

Here’s something interesting.

Just three days ago, Heng had posted two videos on her Facebook page.

Captioned “Called a valet and this happened”, the videos showcased a conversation between Heng and her valet after he shot past the first red light.

The incident allegedly occurred on 2 September 2021, at around 11:00 p.m.

In the clips, Heng could be heard scolding in Mandarin: “Drive carefully, what are you doing?”

In response, the driver simply mumbled an apology.

Heng then continued: “You know how to drive, right?”

Though the valet appeared to agree, he added: “It’s because the traffic light was already red.”

Influencer Kicked Valet Driver Off the Car & Drove Herself Home

Unfortunately, the valet’s statement wasn’t the only red flag that night.

In the other clip, the driver could be seen approaching another traffic junction, despite the light being red.

He also did not show any signs of slowing down.

That appeared to have been the last straw for Heng, who began shouting at the valet.

She also ordered him to vacate the car, in spite of their location: they were in the second-outermost lane of the four-lane road at the time.

Heng then stepped out of the passenger seat and got over to the driver’s side.

You can view the post down below:


To date, the video has garnered over 3.9K shares, as well as 740 likes & reactions.

Comments were also aplenty, with numerous Netizens expressing their support for the influencer.

Heng would later share more about the incident with Lianhe Wanbao, stating that she had gotten a valet after having a small glass of alcohol.

As the usual drivers were not free that night, however, the affiliated company ended up dispatching a new driver for the task.

Heng expressed how she had felt nervous, as the driver had not been “steady” while driving out from the multi-storey carpark.

Unfortunately, her worst fears came true.

Despite the flurry of support for her circumstances, some Netizens did wonder whether Heng should have been nicer about it, and whether it was dangerous to halt in the middle of the road.

In response, Heng said that she was “in shock”, and had already told the valet nicely the first time he shot past the red light.

And while she agreed that it was dangerous to stop in the middle of the road, she just wanted to get away from the valet at that point in time.

Heng also added that the valet has since been dismissed from his post, and that she has also filed a police report.


Though the aforementioned valet may have ended up in the news for the wrong reasons, that wasn’t always the case in the past.

Back in early 2020, a Malaysian had hired a female valet to drive him home after a drinking session.

On the journey back home, however, the Malaysian ended up finding his valet attractive.

He then began touching her after they entered the Central Expressway.

The victim pushed his hands away and demanded that he stop, but Chan continued touching her upper arms, shoulders, and the back of her neck and face for over 15 minutes while she drove.

Chan only stopped his inappropriate behaviour when they reached his house. He paid her S$50 for her services and threatened to sue her if she did not delete the photos he thought she’d taken.

Later, the victim called the police and made a report.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Winnie Heng)