“They Don’t Leave me Alone,” TikToker Calls Out S’pore Influencer’s Stuck-Up Behaviour

There are a few things that we would put past influencers. I mean, there are countless weird things that they’ve done, like holding onto IU’s hand for a photo.

Hence, it is no surprise that influencers would be showing attitude toward those around them. After all, some of these micro-celebrities seem entitled enough to act like they own the place.

While influencers seem good for nothing, we must applaud them on their skills of garnering such a broad audience doing whatever.

But it seems like the attitude isn’t restricted to Western influencers because some Singaporean influencers allegedly carry themselves with an air of arrogance, too, according to TikToker Abraham De Laure.

What Really Happened

The TikToker, who goes by @abrahamdelaure on TikTok, uploaded a video on Saturday (20 May) detailing what he witnessed at a public relations (PR) event with other influencers.

He asks, “Is it me or a few of the influencers in Singapore think that they’re on a very high platform?”

He later calls them “flightless” cockroaches in the industry.

He then gets into the storytime, saying he was invited to a PR event where several other influencers, actors and singers were also invited.

While standing in a corner with a friend eating sliders served at the event, he overheard one of the servers asking an influencer to take a photo, stating that she was a “big fan” of hers.

The influencer replied, “Let me eat first. After that, I’ll come and take a photo with you.”

Calling her a “conniving, cross-eyed tarantula-looking gemuk,” he said that after the server left, the influencer told her friends, “even in PR events they don’t leave me alone.”

One of her friends asked, “Who, babes?” before she responded with “that four-eyed girl” referring to the server.

The event was quite literally a PR event, so one can only wonder why she didn’t expect any attention on her.

The TikToker then says in the video that he was close to telling her that “everybody has a forehead, but you have a seven head, did anybody complain about it?”

He ends the video by saying that the people who support her give her a platform and sponsored deals.

@abrahamdelaure Someone should really teach her kindness and respect #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ original sound – abrahamdelaure

Netizens’ Reactions

Of course, netizens really wanted to know who it was because kaypoh runs in our blood.

Image: TikTok
Image: TikTok

Lots of speculations.

Image: TikTok

And more speculations.

Image: TikTok

Some asked him to drop more hints about who it was as if his descriptions of her appearance weren’t enough to be able to dig her up.

Image: TikTok

Some pointed out influencers’ sense of entitlement, acting like they’re some big shot when they’re not that much more special than the rest of us.

Follow-Up Video Uploaded

The TikToker made another video regarding the issue, calling it a storytime part two.

He mentioned that many people have been desperate to find out who the influencer is, such that the search bar at the top of the comments of the previous video said, “Singapore’s giant forehead influencer.”

Jokingly saying, “The influencer is…” he later refused to reveal her name, mentioning that her career depends on the platform and he didn’t want viewers to cancel her.

He said he didn’t want her to be sad and for her eyes to do “urination”, a.k.a. crying because she got de-platformed as a result of this.

He said that he posted the video to share his experience and remind people to be kind and respectful.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated,” he said.

@abrahamdelaure So here you go #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ original sound – abrahamdelaure

If the influencer was Taylor Swift-level famous, then maybe she can talk.