Netizens Rally to Slam Taiwanese Influencer For Her “Disgusting Behaviour” Towards IU at Gucci Event


Last Updated on 2023-05-22 , 12:20 pm

It seems that clout chasing is not limited to just social media but also in real life.

Influencers acting dodgy around celebrities and clinging onto them like superfans are just one strategy for getting that bag and attention from everyone.

However, such attention is not necessarily good, as these influencers would naturally receive flak for doing so and an uncomfortable response from their targeted celebrities.

This happened at the recent Gucci Cruise 2024 show, where Taiwanese fashion influencer Molly Chiang seemed to be clinging to K-Pop idol IU for a photo with her.

Oh well, guess you could say she was literally chasing for the clout.

Video Surfaced Online

At the event, which took place at Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace on Tuesday (16 May) night, Ms Chiang was seen brushing past IU’s bodyguard and taking the idol’s hand in a video.

Though IU was uncomfortable, she remained polite throughout the situation, casting glances at her bodyguard to break it up.

Although her bodyguard intervened, Ms Chiang continued following IU.

Image: DCARD

Netizens called Ms Chiang ‘disrespectful’, pointing out that IU felt very uncomfortable throughout the whole situation and was trying to brush her off. Some even said that her behaviour was “disgusting.”

Others have also mentioned that this is not the first time Ms Chiang has clout chased.

When she met Korean actor Jung Hae In at a Louis Vuitton event in Taiwan earlier this year, she wanted to get a photo with him so badly.

Image: Instagram (@lets_talk_about_the_truth)

But instead of holding his hand and trailing behind him like a child, she poked his arm to get his attention.

Molly’s Apology

Ms Chiang took to Instagram on Thursday (18 May) to apologise for her actions towards IU.

She said that she “felt bad and sorry” towards IU and “shouldn’t have” reached out her hand to an idol who didn’t know who she was even though she wanted to take a photo with them to show her followers.

The influencer, who has 809,000 followers on Instagram, also said that while she may seem like a “nobody” compared to these celebrities, she worked hard to make her way up such that brands now invite her to attend their events.


She also mentioned that since her career is based on social media, she has to pay attention to her views and post content that caters to her followers best.

She emphasised that she always asked permission before taking photos with celebrities and would never do so if they refused.

She sincerely apologised, citing that she would be more “respectful” in the future and highlighted her regret for upsetting her fans.


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Rebecca Lim at the Event

A star-studded event, Singaporean actress Rebecca Lim, 36, also graced the palace with her presence. The event was attended by several Korean celebrities including The Glory’s Lim Ji Yeon and Hollywood actresses Elizabeth Olsen and Saoirse Ronan.


She had flown to Seoul after her honeymoon in London for about two weeks, attending the fashionable and lavish Gucci gala while there and taking pictures with many attendees, including IU.

Image: Instagram (@limrebecca)

Judging from the picture, it’s safe to say that Lim did not chase IU or anything, as she looks a lot more comfortable here.

And the pictures she posted definitely capture how magical that night was despite what Molly was embroiled in.


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