Instagram Husband Failed Honeymoon Photos Got Tons of Likes; Wife Confirms He’s Still Alive

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” – Katie Thurmes.

Like most women, taking photos is a compulsory ritual, especially on special days. Anniversary, birthday and especially during vacations.

Some even have the tendency to take things up a notch and document everything they cross paths with whilst overseas. If you don’t have a photo, were you even overseas?

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Seriously, I went to the Osaka Aquarium early this year and till today, a large portion of my phone’s gallery has marine life in different shades of blue. There’s too much footage to do a quick QC, which explains why it’s untouched.

Instagram Friend/Boyfriend/Husband

If you have a female friend, chances are you’ve been her designated photographer at least once. It’s easy to get into our good books, really. All you need is a camera (phone), a cute background and you’re good to go. Boost her confidence by throwing occasional compliments work really well too.

Dating comes with perks; food, TLC and someone to help with updating your Instagram account.

Photographing us can be a tedious chore and therefore to keep our partners happy, we’ve coined a new status for them – IG BF/ GF. Everyone wants recognition – it’s a win-win situation.

Want to know what’s better than taking photos? Looking through your camera’s gallery and discovering photos which you completely killed it.

And, of course, uncovering the missing treasure of the world: Unglam shots, which are then made into stickers on Telegram.

Good wife, good life

On the topic of unglams, TVBS has reported that a netizen (Ms Chen) shared a few photos her husband took for her on Facebook. According to her post, her husband had brought her to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

The Maldives equates to the beach and sea, which is why it wasn’t surprising that Ms Chen wanted her husband to take a photo of her flinging water from her hair.

Unfortunately, some of us are not blessed with photogenic genes and require more practice in achieving model-like shots.

Image: 翻攝自爆廢公社/ Facebook

When asked about the photos taken, Ms Chen’s husband said it wasn’t bad and had a lot of feels. Upon viewing the photos, Ms Chen was taken aback and after taking another look, she was greatly amused as well. It was truly a case of “Expectations vs Reality”.

Unlike most ladies who would be mad at their husband for treating the sacred ritual of photographing them as a joke, Ms Chen is the perfect example of a good wife with a good sense of humour.

Breaking news: Godzilla’s position as King threatened

According to TVBS, Ms Chen’s post received 110K likes and 1.2K comments – the majority of which said the photos were funny and cute.

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World of Buzz added that netizens who saw Ms Chen’s unglam shots said it was the “Godzilla challenge” because they looked like the friendly giant.

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Both had their mouths opened and were partially out of the water. All she was missing was the blue atomic ray, which, well, was drawn in.

Image: Ms Chen/ TVBS

To me at least, Ms Chen’s post comes as a reminder to take life with a pinch of salt and always see the good in life.

On a side note, if you’ve wondered how the King of Monsters can stand on the water with ease, click here first and thank me later.

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