Instagram is Finally Having a Dark Mode in Its New Version (Both Android & iOS)

If this news doesn’t excite you, you either don’t know what a dark mode is, or you think Instagram is something that you can eat.

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Now, moving on.

Dark Mode for Instagram Finally Available

For the benefit of people who don’t know what dark mode is, here’s an example based on our app (just the Android version; we’re still developing the dark mode for our iOS app):

Normal mode:

Dark mode:

Basically, it’s supposed to be easier on your eyes when your background is dark, like when you’re in an outfield exercise during NS or when you want to beo at your crush under your blanket to do something naughty.

Many apps have this feature, and it’s not easy to code it: it’s not just changing the background to black, but changing the colour scheme altogether to ensure that “blue” isn’t too strong.

That could’ve been the reason why Instagram didn’t have a dark mode…until now.

Late last month, people who were tasked with testing the app noticed the dark mode, and today, it’s official.

Adam Mosseri, the guy who established news feed in Facebook and is now currently the head of Instagram, made the announcement in Twitter and it sent every influencer to ecstasy.

According to the guy himself, it’ll be available only for iOS 13 or Android 10, which are the latest OS versions. So if you’re using an old phone, too bad.

The Instagram version with dark mode is v114.0.0.38, and because app update doesn’t usually reflect on the app store immediately, you might need to wait a while for it to auto-update even if you’re using the latest OS. If not, just update it manually by going to the app store.


Now, there are some websites that suggest you to download the apk (for Android) if you can’t wait for it to be live in the app store. Don’t do that: while it technically won’t have any consequences, you’d have to disable a security procedure for your phone, and the risk is that you might forget to turn it back on.

You’ve waited years for this feature, so just wait for a few more hours or days lah

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