iOS 13.2 Has New Emojis That Finally Includes a Yawning Face

Always wanted to tell your friends that they’re boring without hurting them?

Wished that there is one emoji out there you can use to really bring your point across?

Unwanted admirer: Hey, sexy~ How about some dinner and bang tomorrow night after class? *winkwinkstarestare*


Image: YourStory

Unwanted admirer: Oh…okay, I have $354k in my bank account, you *beepbeepbeep*

No matter whether you’re pretty, pretty cute or pretty ugly like me, this emoji is going to come in really useful.

And guess what? This yawning emoji that was first mentioned in July 2019 is finally here.

Apple users now have access to it.

New Emojis In iOS 13.2 

If your iPhone is able to update to the latest iOS, you’re in for a treat.

You have not one, not three but 398 new emojis to explore and play with to your heart’s content.

Image: USA Today

New emojis released include new foods, shapes and has a lot more people and professions emoji.

Here are a few interesting ones you might want to use in your day to day life.

The Period Emoji

Yes, I know we’re only focused exclusively on the yawning emoji because it’s just so darn useful, but there are other interesting and more politically-correct ones too.

Image: The Daily Mail

See that red drop at the bottom right corner of the image above? That’s not to signify a blood donation drive, but menstruation instead.

ConcernedBoyfriend: Hey, why are you so cranky today? I’m sorry

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PissedOffGirl: *Blood drop emoji*

WeakBoss: Hey, what’s with you and your attitude today?

PissedOffGirl: *Blood drop emoji*

That’s if you think having a period means you’re entitled to treat others like crap, and people allow you to get away with it.

For Persons With Disabilities

Image: The Daily Mail

If you’re someone who feels bad even for calling others out on their weakness because it feels like you’re kicking someone who’s down, this emoji is perfect for you.

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ConcernedBoyfriend: Hey bae, why are you standing when you’ve been standing the entire day?

TiredGirl45: *Wheelchair emoji in yellow because brownface is a thing*


Other PWDs included

Image: The Daily Mail

These include service dogs, wheelchair users, and a hearing aid.

And of course, because this is the internet

Image: Daily Mail

This means you have a tiny d**k. Or a short attention span.




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