All The Price Plans for iPhone 12 In S’pore Summarised for You

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Apple fans, are your wallets ready? Because the iPhone 12 is set to release on 23 October.

Image: highsnobiety

You can read more about the new phones here.

Lest you’re now aware, preorders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have been open since 16 October so some of you may have already been ahead of the curve.

However, do note that preorders for the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max only start on 6 November and then phone releases on 13 November.

Of course, with every new phone comes a price plan and they vary depending on the telco you’re using.

You can check out the summary of each one below.

Do note that the following information was first published in Hardware Zone, because Goody Feed writers prefer Nokia phones instead.

Singtel’s Price Plans

There is a graphic below detailing the various plans you can get from Singtel. However, there are a few things to take note off.

The Combo and XO plans come with 5G NOW, which result in a $10 increase in monthly subscription across the board.

5G NOW is an add-on that comes with an extra 10GB local data and 5G market trial access.

The iPhone prices indicated under XO plans are inclusive of $50 discount from 5G NOW and $100 discount if you’re upgrading to XO 78 or XO 108 plan from a lower-tier plan or getting a new line of that tier.

The iPhone prices indicated under Combo plans are also inclusive of the $50 discount from 5G Now.

All Combo and XO plans with 5G NOW come with 12 free months of Apple iCloud (50GB) and 9 free months of Apple Arcade.

Other offers include 12 free months of Apple TV+, 3 free months of Apple Music (no contract), 3 free months of selected CAST packs (no contract), and 12 months of Amazon Prime membership.

Customers can enjoy $100 off when they sign up for the Fibre Entertainment Bundle.


Image: Hardware Zone

Image: Hardware Zone

Image: Hardware Zone

Image: Hardware Zone

The source of the plans came from Singtel.

Starhub’s Price Plans

Starhub also has two different plans.


One is for consumer Mobile+ users and the other is for enterprise Biz+ users.

Mobile+ users also get free Caller Number Display (Caller ID), free SIM card registration, free one-year subscription to StarHub TV+ and Apple TV+, free three-month iCloud storage plan at 50GB, and the option to do S$0 upfront by spreading the upfront cost across 24 months.

If you’re switching to Starhub from another telco, you even get a S$200 discount on the phone.

Biz+ users get unlimited access to SmartSupport, two device swaps within 24 months with free delivery to any location in Singapore, free IDD018 subscription for overseas communications, free Caller Number Display, and free SIM card registration.

Signing up for a new Biz+ line gibes the user an additional S$300 phone discount.


The picture below shows the online-exclusive Biz+ plans picked up via StarHub’s online store with the 10% discount on monthly fees and heightened mobile data allotment factored in.

If you want non-online plans, you can go here instead.

Image: Hardware Zone

Image: Hardware Zone

Do note that these plans are only for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max models do not have price plans from Starhub yet.


M1’s Price Plans

Last but not least, M1 also has plans for the soon-to-be-available models as well.

Preordering also grants you a lot of bonuses,

Firstly, you get free registration and SIM card if done through online sign-ups.

There is also $200 off for new sign-ups and those switching to M1. (and an additional S$100 if using Citi credit card for payment or S$120 with Citi M1 card)

Three months of free weekend data are available for new sign-up, and switching from another telco makes this six months instead


Other perks include free 1 year Apple TV+ and 3 months of Apple Arcade, year-long free subscription to VIU and unlimited data streaming of Spotify

You can even get limited-time Free 5G service + 100GB extra data for the following plans:

The following image shows the plans for M1:

Image: Hardware Zone

You can check out more information about M1’s plans over here.


Moral of the story?

One organ might not be enough for the latest iPhone.

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