IPPT / RT Can be Booked from 1 Sept 2020; Previous Window’s Obligation is Waived Off

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If you’re like BuffLord95, you’d have cried during the COVID-19 period.

Not because you couldn’t meet your girlfriend for 2.5 months, but because you couldn’t get an additional $500 from Ah Gong.

In mid-February this year, IPPT / RT / IPT were suspended for two weeks, and NSmen have to contact their unit should they need help to extend their IPPT / RT obligations.

From April onwards, as Singapore transitioned from “Payment will be made thru’ your bank a/c”  to “Try harder next time”, all IPPT / RT obligations were waived off for all NSmen.

We didn’t know what’s the arrangement then; would it be waived off until we ROD? Would IPPT be back in Phase Two? Would BuffLord95 finally get his $500?

Well, it seems like we can finally book IPPT / RT / IPT again.

If you’re a wife who thinks that your husband can now book a two-week chalet in “Tekong Camp”, and is ironing his uniform now while booking back-to-back high teas with your girlfriends, you might want to watch this informative video about what IPPT is (and also please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos!):

IPPT / RT / IPTs Can be Booked from 1 September 2020

If you log in to your NS portal now, you’d see that your most recent IPPT / RT window period has been waived off, and you’d need to book for the next window instead.

And if you go into the system, you’d see that there are no slots from now until…1 September 2020.

Which means you can book your IPPT come 1 September 2020.

I tried booking one and ta-da: I am, once again, a combat-fit NSman again and not a guy who stayed home 24/7:

It’s unknown whether there are now fewer slots or whether we just need 11 points to pass our IPPT instead of 51 points.

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SAFRA Gym Has Reopened

Lest you’re not aware, you can take your IPPT in SAFRA EnergyOne gyms as well—perfect for people who tend to train their 2.4km run on a treadmill instead of out on the tracks.

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The gyms have reopened in Phase Two, too, with safe-distancing measures in place, and also applied a self-disinfecting coating on commonly touched surfaces.

Also, the gym would extend a three-month complimentary membership extension to members as they were closed for almost three months.

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

IPPT Still Ongoing for People With Green IC

While we NSmen stay at home to fight the coronavirus, it’s not the same for those who hold a green IC.

An album in BMTC Facebook page shows that IPPT is still taking place in Tekong with safe-distancing management in place.


So, if recruits can do it, we can, too, right?

Reader Bao: But recruits train every day while I take the train every day only

Makes sense.

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